Apology Accepted From New York

Yes there are Republicans in New York, yes we have gone through hell with our liberal politicians. Everything Ted Cruz mentions in his apology is but a sample of that hell many out of state people just don’t even know. Thank You Ted Cruz for your apology it is well received across the rebublican voters of New York.

Here is Ted Cruz full unedited Apology

I’ll be waiting for Trumps apology for continuously abandoning his own state and doing nothing to help us as we went through this nightmare. Meanwhile, by his own open admission, paid off the politicians creating this hell for us. Being offended is not going to cut it.

I’m still waiting on Andrew Cuomos apology when he told us to get out of his state.

I’m still waiting for DeBlasios apology to the firefighters and police officers who he called criminals. The very same people there on 9/11 WTC response.

I’m even still waiting on Mayor Bloomberg’s apology for banning feeding the homeless.

If any of these people want to talk about “Values”, let’s talk about them. I’ve had my belly full just over the past 5 years.

I’m still waiting on a awful lot of apologies from my own liberal politicians, whom I have had to fight for years and Won!! Just like Cruz has!! The Republicans in NY have been in this fight together with Cruz for many years, he hasn’t gone unnoticed. I myself have been rooting for you since back when you fought the UN, and won, keep it up!!

Think I’m alone? I’m not.

Ted Cruz Wins Prominent New York City Straw Poll AFTER Insulting “New York Values”


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