Freemasons are Evil?

Most people don’t really know anything about Freemasons, and so they would believe anything. The truth about Freemasons is its a social club. Men get together and play board games, sometimes listen to guest speakers, there’s parties, and billiards… really that’s about it for 99% of lodges. It’s an excuse to get out of the house and do this thing called “socializing”. Weird right, people actually do this? Any guy can join a Freemason lodge, it’s not by invitation and for the matter all that secrete. You can find a lodge near you on Google maps.

Now as for the 1% of Freemason lodges. Normally they are where conferences are held among all other lodges. This usually comes in the form of annual meetings, and there’s many various annual meetings throughout the year. No one is particularly in charge of these lodges, rather it’s organized by grand masters of other lodges… in a word they just own the building and use it now and then.

What if I told you the truth about Freemasons is not all that interesting?

I myself am not a Freemason though I am the son of a grand master Freemason. I’ve been in lodges time and time again, during such things as Duncan’s ritual, or whatever else… the only reason I’m not a Freemason is because I don’t have time for it, I’m a very busy person.

Yet I’m told the Freemasons founded America and made the constitution… as if that’s a bad thing :-/

That was pretty much the last great secrete operation of the freemasons.. Creating a free society and establish a good Republic. If you hate America then I could see where your problem is with that. Since then it’s returned to business as usual, that is a social club for men.


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