Stupid Verses

Yes verses are stupid… there I said it, but let me tell you why their stupid.

Their stupid because there is an entire book verses are clipped from. Much more often then not whether I see someone quoting verses, it’s so far out of context it’s not even funny. I guess It’s not the verse that’s stupid, it’s the stupid people having access to them. Additionally, people who base their christian faith on fragments of writing really have no business calling themselves christian…. What is worse stupid people actually sit down and listen to stupid pastors who do the same thing, and the only thing he ever teaches them is how to copy paste and cut it up better then they ever could….


Has anyone considered the bible as a ransom note? You can make magazines say anything you want by the copy cut and paste method, essentially your doing the same thing a kidnapper would do. But they don’t care huh… well the bible is not a magazine and some of you look pretty stupid when you do this, just saying.


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