Why you should be blogging

I’m writing this on my blog, however I’ll be sending it to people I really think ought to get off Facebook or wherever and start a blog themselves.
Of course it might be intimidating for them and of course I’m willing to help them get started,  I would never suggest something without also offering support.
This list of reasons I sent you this is as follows:

1. You have a lot of things to say.

People on facebook are not reading you I guarantee it. That doesn’t mean people out there on the internet won’t, it just means your too intelligent for facebook.

2. It’s a such a waste.

Some or most of what you have to say is just thrown away on facebook. No one will read it after a day or 2. You might as well throw it away or not even say it to begin with. When you blog your thoughts are more permanent and anyone with Google or bing can find it even years after the fact.

3. You could make money.

To some this might not be important, like myself. Personally, I dont write to make money rather just to spread the word of God. However that is a possibility that’s out there. Most bloggers don’t really make a pile of money, of course it’s rare. Some however just keep it as a side income for little expenses and toys or simply reinvest it in their blog. You could write for a company but honestly most people who do get burnt out doing it that route, it’s not for everyone. The other route is getting paid via having advertising on their blog, which is good for them because they are essentially their own company, but they don’t often make a lot of money that way. My site has advertising but it’s wordpress advertising, I dont make a cent here. I encourage people if they’d like to donate to me then donate to Answers in Genesis or some other church group…. that’s just me, you can do it however you want, the possibility is there.

4. It’s not as hard as you think.

I’ve read what you had to write some place time and again, trust me you are already blogging you just don’t know it. Just do what you do on Facebook but use a different platform… say wordpress. Then there’s the added bonus of decorating your website 😀

5. Blogging is fun

It’s actually a lot of fun, and you meet good people along the way. Besides the fact there is often way less trolls on wordpress to deal with… Trust me I speak from experience. 

6. It’s easy to preach to the choir.

Your on facebook with your friends writing out long 150-1200 word essays and naturally they all agree. Why wouldn’t you want the same essay to reach a lost soul that might be looking for christ? Your friends will be able to read it of course, but blogging it makes it permanent on the internet. Anyone can find it at any point in time… who knows,  you might change their whole life.

7. It’s free

You could buy a deal with wordpress for $100 a year, which adds some perks. Honestly, the free version is just as great IMO. It can be as expensive or as cheap as you want to make it which is the best part. No one will fault you for going free, Truely it’s not as limited as you might think. just click around my blog to find out what you can do- I’m sure you’ll be impressed.

8. Repeating yourself
Don’t you ever get tired of repeating yourself to people online? What if you could just write down everything your going to say about something in one spot then share it out over and over again? Imagine that!

If your receiving this article I’m sending it to you for a reason…. if you like facebook your going to love wordpress. I really think you have something better to offer the body of christ then what your doing. In addition I can plainly see you need a better platform where your voice can be heard. Additionally I know your kind, I am your kind, you write these things because you feel you need an outlet. If you would like to start a blog I’m willing and able to help you anyway I can. It’s not too technical I’m sure most of it you could figure out with out me.  I just really think you would be better placed on the internet on your own blog. 


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