The Old Cell Phone In Rice Trick

I’ve seen it going around where people mock putting your cell phone in rice after dropping it in water. Let me tell you it actually does work, I’ve done it myself several times.

Once I was at the beach I left my phone in the bag. Well I was having fun in the water for hours and hours, not thinking about the tide. Yup the tide got my bag.
Sure enough my phone was under about a few inches of water when I found it, everything else was soaked of course. The Note 3 is waterproofed up to 6 feet or so I’m told, while it still worked it was making noises and the touch screen wasn’t working right. I dried it in the sun on the dashboard of the car until I got home. The speaker was so muffled I couldn’t hear a thing. I tossed it in a bag of rice for about an hour and HOOZAH!!

This phone has been very well used. It’s been dropped over the side of the Highland Lighthouse in Cape cod, it’s fallen in the bathtub a few times, it’s been ran over by a semi truck during a down pour, and it’s seen is fair share of side walks. Through it all my Samsung Note 3 has walked away with out so much as a cracked screen.. which is pretty darn good if you ask me. While there’s plenty of damage to the side bezel I’m convinced the Note 3 is perhaps the best made phone ever especially considering I don’t use a case for it.

For such amount of use and abuse I’ve gotten out of this phone, the rice method of drying it out had worked on 12… thats right 12 occasions!! I got this phone about 2 years ago and it actually works better now then it did when it was new… needless to say I won’t be upgrading to a newer note, only because I haven’t seen a significant improvement. How could I want more?


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