The Battlefield, at least a glimpse

Does anyone know why I defend Christmas? You might be surprised it’s little to do with the holiday itself, well sort of.It’s because I see very plainly there is a HUGE attack on Christianity. There is now, more then ever, a war to attack the christian faith. It comes in so many ways and so many forms and a lot of it more so today is based on blatant lies. In the case of Christmas much of the rhetoric comes word for word from a propaganda movement called Zeitgeist about 8 years ago. People in my generation are very familiar with it,  the… well I wont say ‘old’ but… generations that came before me mostly are not up to date on the latest forms of communism…. OH and It is indeed just one of the latest forms of communism, but that’s another discussion.

This divide in generation irritates me so much, because I try to tell them and they don’t listen. Naturally, when they don’t listen,  no one else listens. Meanwhile the lies of zietgiest grow and grow in unexpected ways. The propaganda becomes truth and then there’s those who repeat it not even associated with zietgiest. At this point it doesn’t matter anymore, the same message spreads, the same script song and dance. Whats worse is, because I know the script I can easily spot it, but I look absolutely crazy when I bring up a article or video “debunking zietgiest”…. because it seems unrelated, but it isn’t one bit unrelated. I’m just debunking the original source of the lie I am now witnessing…. Indeed zietgiest is debunked thoroughly, many times and it was very easy to do because everything they said had no basis in history…. They just made stuff up.

What Am I Talking About?

No…  Horus was not born on Dec. 25th, Niether was any other pagan god and the whole story of Jesus has no correlation to any pagan god in human history. Christmas trees do not have their origin in Babylon, Infact the stone carving many has seen was created by Zeitgeist to put in their film, it actually doesn’t exist.
While their are some ‘paganish’ aspects to Christmas, they are not even remotely the same way Pagans used to worship the sun god on Dec 21. Infact the difference is very noticeable (I.E. Sacred Prostitution or human sacrifice being the central theme of ancient solstice celebrations, in some cultures YOU were the feast).

Every anti Christmas thing you will hear today comes from a documentary and an accompanying book published 8 years ago by Zeitgeist.
This is the first thing promoted in zeitgeist to attack the christian church. The very first lie they put out was an all out assault on Christmas. I have written about Christmas before on this blog, the reader must realize I put a lot of weight on the statement:

“I am convinced you side more with atheist in sterilizing everything religious, then you do with Christ on calling Christmas a pagan holiday”.

I’ve said this so many times, though I’ve never really clarified it. The Zeitgeist organization itself is, I believe, a dead issue now, they since disappeared from the scene – the lies of zeitgeist live on and come in so many forms and so many places… Especially from among well intentioned Christians. Particularly when it comes to the subject of Christmas.

This is the battlefield today, the lies won’t go anywhere, Infact their spreading far and wide regardless if their false. Every time christians discuss Christmas they are always reciting the rhetoric of the original lie. Whats worse about being false is when they are carried on by sources not even mentioning their original source, it becomes harder and harder to debunk them individually… Particularly when the source is generally considered a credible one by some christian circles, and especially with the astroturf propaganda on the internet.

So some think I’m just talking about Christmas… The reason I know the enemy so well was because their isn’t much I myself havnt fallen for when I stood for nothing. Today I am a warrior of Christ, I stand before you a soldier. As such, I will fight every lie, every vice, and every attack in every battlefield that comes my way – including Christmas Dang IT!!

So I will post a video now debunking zietgiest attack of Christianity. It’s a bit lengthy but perhaps along the way you’ll hear some familiar rhetoric…. then go ahead and tell me I’m crazy.


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