My Name is Angelfish vol. 1

Hello from Blueberry Bay my name is Angelfish I write a blog. You may have read it. Who am I, and where did I come from? Well this is my story.

My Mamma and Poppa

Buffalo Ny the year was 2012. My mother laid my egg on the side of a rock by the filter. My dad took turns fanning us to keep us cool. I remember looking out of a glossy shell and seeing them going back and forth fanning and keeping watch, they stood by us 3 days when my brothers and sisters began swimming.

Poor mamma we were nothing but trouble, 200 of us swimming too far from the nest. Terry was the worst, he would always swim over to the filter. Mom always had to chase him down and carry him in her mouth. Every day we got bigger and bigger. The bigger we got the more our poor mother had to chase us around the 75 gallon fish tank. Every nook and every cranny was not left untouched.

One day I discovered a rock is not a rock, sometimes a rock is something else. I was just minding my own business, not touching ANYTHING, when I noticed on the side of the tank was a rock that wasn’t there before. I thought hmm, then turned around continuing minding my own business…. just then I saw out of the corner of my eye the rock moved!!! It had a tail. I turned sharply and again, it wasn’t moving. I was sure of what I saw so I decided to investigate this curious rock. When I swam there it looked like a rock, but it didn’t smell like a rock. There was something not right here so I swam closer.

Just then the rock WOOOOSHED over my head clear across the fish tank. WHOA!!!!

I was pushed back from the current. I could not believe my eyes, the rock swims and swims fast…. so I followed it. The rock would swim a little ways again, so I followed it again.

Just then the rock spoke in a shaking voice.

“What are you doing”.

“I umm, I never saw a rock like you before” I said.

“Well, that’s because I’m not a rock, I’m a Bob” it said.

Just then my mother swooped in swallowed me in her mouth, to carry me over back to the nest.

” I did not touch anything” I told her as she spit me out and told me to just stay there and listen to your father. Daddy didn’t know what to do, the whole fry nest was swarming all over the place. None the less I asked him.

Bob the Pleco


“Daddy what’s a Bob?” He laughed and told me a Bob is a pleco fish, he’s our pleco fish. They mostly keep to themselves, don’t try to make friends with them.

Now what kind of answer is that. Since he was busy keeping the nest together and mom was off someplace collecting more of us, I managed to sneak out to go see Bob again. I looked high and then low I did not see him anywhere at first, so then I went back to the last place I saw him. Sure enough there he was on the glass.

“Come here” he said “I want to show you something”.

So I swam over.

“Do you see that glowing box outside the tank”.

The glowing box was a strange and mysterious thing. When ever it was on the human that feeds us sits there and does things to it. He taps it with what I think is his fins… Some say humans use it for magic. Sometimes mysterious voices come from the glowing box and the human sits there and listens.

“I want a glowing box” Bob said. “With it, we can make fish flakes and never have to wait for the humans to feed us”.

“We can do all that” I asked.

” we can do a lot more then that, the humans don’t want us to have that power. They want to keep us trapped in this box and enslave us. You dear child are a slave.” Bob said

“Why, how, I don’t want to be a slave…. what’s a slave?” I asked

“A slave is a prisoner, fish arnt meant to be in a fish tank, you were supposed to be born in a river.” Bob said. “But here you are in a fake river, in a fake existence. But if we had the power of the glowing box we can free all the fish in the world from their cages”

“Whats a river, what’s the world, and there’s other fishes?”

Bob proceeded to tell me how it happened, where it all began. Who we are and why were in the tank. The humans captured our ancestors bred us in captivity, made profits off our young selling us into slavery. Bags shaken, and a trail of history drenched in blood. Oh my the human who feeds us is evil.

“But why would he do that Bob, what’s the point, we live here happily and he feeds us and loves us.”

Bob gave me a look like he could eat me for saying that. Just then my mother came from behind and it was back to the nest.

The day came when it was abundantly clear my parents could no longer keep us in the nest. They essentially gave up chasing us around the tank. We became a school and mamma was the teacher. A Long time ago, when she was a little girl the human told her he was taking something called Online classes. He used to do this ‘online classes’ with the glowing box. He said he was writing something called an “essay” and he would talk out loud while he did it. Mamma loved hearing him talk, and she said that when he talked he would tap the glowing box and she could see letters happen. Her mother taught her what those letters mean and now it’s time us little fish learned what humans do.

So everyday us kids would have school with mamma learning everything she knew about the humans, and writing. Bob would place himself near us listening in. Most of the others just assumed he was a rock… but I had a bad feeling about him. Something wasn’t right in his eyes.

The Bloomy Day

One day it happened over night, no one knew why or how. The whole tank was green, and there was this goo everywhere. It was slimy and gross and smelled horrible. Even more disgusting, Bob was eating it. It was so bad and so cloudy I couldn’t see anything, it was like a thick green fog that had consumed the whole tank. Mamma was going all around the fish tank shouting, looking for all us kids, trying to get round us up all together.
The human came over and said, the filter stopped working.

Mom told us it is very important no matter what, we have to stay together and trust the human. She knew what was about to happen.

The human opened the top of Blueberry bay, and stuck his whole hand in. The fish ran in fear and panic, mamma shouted “stay together, Stay Together! Do not be afraid”

They didn’t listen. I listened, I was so afraid I stayed right by mammas side. We swam over to a cave. Bob just happened to be in that cave.

“What is happening mamma”

The humans fin was going back and forth on the glass. There was so much green goo moving in the way I couldn’t see what it was doing after awhile. There were screams all over the tank. It was so frightening, but momma said ” I know it’s scary but the human knows what he is doing just trust me”.

“Trust you?!” Bob interjected.

“The human is the one who put us in this mess in the first place. First they make you a slave then they trap you in here, now they do this. Listen to the screams of your children out there, you want us to trust the humans”!!

That was when mamma darted right after Bob and smacked him. She pecked and charged until he ran out of the cave. I never saw my mamma so angry, but is was then something even more horrible began to happen.

There was a tube just outside the cave just sitting there at first. Suddenly the tube began sucking. I swam as hard as I could but the tube got me. I twirled and spun, and twirled and spun some more. I couldn’t see anything in the green foggy water in the tube. I think you humans would describe it like a “roller coaster”. When I was done spinning I was in a net with water pounding on me. I flopped and flopped, I had no idea where I was or what even happened. This place was different. The human came over and stopped the water from pounding on me. He took the net and ran back to the tank and dropped me back in. Oh thank god I survived, but the water, the water was so low. I never saw it that low. I tried to swim back to the cave to find momma. She grabbed me and hugged me, and told me don’t ever ever do that again…. I did not touch nothing, I told her, as she squeezed me and said she loved me so much and was so worried.

The screams of the tank were getting quiet, all eyes were on the tube. Bob shouted to everyone

“Beware this instrument of evil as it will consume the children and destroy our homes. All of you saw how it consumed one of the children, it will consume you all with its never ending thirst and hunger”

But I was right here and I was fine…. I was beginning to think he was crazy, but just then the TUBE was pouring water. The water was hot it was scorching hot, then it was cold it was freezing cold. Screams across the tank could be heard once again as Bob shouted.
“The tube has come to bring Armageddon, it is over, it is finished. Woe, woe , woe to us for the human cast his judgement and unleashed the tube upon us for his wrath.”

The water swirled throughout the tank. Meanwhile my brothers and sisters were dieing. I counted at first 12 were belly up. Then 30. Then it was more then I could count. I held tight to my mamma who turned her eyes away. Soon the tank had water again and an erie silence fell in the tank. Even Bob was quiet.

The water was once again clear, it was different somehow, but bits of green goo floated around. Suddenly the filter turned back on, aside from the usually humming sound, all was quiet as we each looked up. So many of my brothers and sisters were belly up floating at the top of the tank. Others were twitching and gasping as if they were soon to follow. The horrific scene was so unbearable my father held me and my mother and we just cried unable to do anything.

The human came over again and scoped out the ones who were floating. He said out loud “you guys have to swim now, that’s all you have to do, trust me and just swim.”

I looked at the ones gasping and twitching, they weren’t swimming they just sat there. I asked mamma if she heard him, she in tears said

“Oh child never mind that just calm down we still have each other”.

The human says they have to swim, I didn’t know what that meant but I knew he knew what he was talking about. So I tore myself from my mother’s fins and started pushing the others. “Swim” I told them, “just start swimming”.

I flew all through the tank, pushing and nudging all my brothers and sisters. The human sat there watching me and said.

“That’s right, get them to swim, they have to swim, if they swim they will stay alive”.

So I pushed and pushed. Sure enough after they swimmed for a little bit, they stopped twitching and gasping. It was like they were healed. HOOZAH!!

Though I saved who I could. Our family went from 200 to 15. It was a tragic day, but I did what I could. May all my brothers and sisters rest in peace.

The Beat goes on

We continued our school, life moved on. Bob however noticed the human seemed to take a liking to me. He told me one day the human always watches me when he comes by to feed us. That was when I began to notice, so everything he came over I swam up to the glass to say hi. But the human did not know how to speak fish and I did not know how to speak human.

So I watched the glowing box carefully with him. I read the words and I listened to the moving pictures. I studied and watched, and tried pronouncing what ever the glowing box said. I tried and tried for many months. Until one day I DID IT!

My first human word was Jesus!

Jesus, Jesus Jesus

I said it over and over again
I didn’t know what a Jesus was but I said it, and I was so proud. Everyone in the tank heard me and looked over.

Shocked, stunned, amazed… they all approached me. My mother said

“How did you speak human”

“I just opened my mouth like the human does and then I said, Jesus!!”

Bob swam away. The human came over scratching his head.

“I though I heard someone say Jesus”

“I said Jesus it was me!!” I shouted, my mother grabbed me and pulled me away, but the human leaned down and said.

“Is the filter just making noises”

I tore myself from my mother went over to the glass and said


The human smiled, “did you say Jesus”?

“Yes I said it I can now speak human”.


“I just have one question human, what is a Jesus?” I asked… well he would know right.

The human replied:
Jesus was a man, well not really just a man…. I mean how do you talk, didn’t Jesus make you talk, don’t you know already”?

Well the water between us was cloudy at first – yeah it was kind of awkward for me, for him, for everyone in the tank. I told him how I talked I told him I was watching his glowing box. Jesus kept coming up and I just said it. I kinda understood the whole thing it was saying but I have just as many questions as he does.

The human told me he had an idea if I could wait 3-5 days. He went to the glowing box and said he’s ordering me a special made glowing box. If I ever had a question or ever wanted to talk to him I could use the glowing box to do it. This way we can talk to each other.

In the mean time we talked and talked almost all day and night. Me and the human talked about everything. He had a name, it was Greg. He had something called a job he said he called out sick from to be with me. He wasn’t really sick though don’t worry, he said he just used it as an excuse to stay home. He showed me pictures on the glowing box, he told me about places like The Great wall of China, The Gorgeous Swiss Alps, and Brazil. He showed me where my ancestors came from, The Amazon River.

It wasn’t anywhere near as nice as my fish tank called Blueberry Bay. I don’t see why Bob would want us to live in a riveamazon460r, they looked muddy and gross and there were these evil fish called piranhas that eat other fish and even people. There were microscopic parasites that crawled under your skin and ate fish brains. Every fish was afraid of each other, they just ate each other all day long and ran away. No one talked to each other, everyone lived in fear, every one was on someone else’s menu.. seriously who wants to live in the Amazon River, it’s just uncivilized and those fish are barbaric cannibals.

11083604_694224697366284_6882884620039271709_n.jpgHere we could all be friends and never fear. The water was clean and food was plentiful. There was not a single piranha anywhere or for the matter invisible parasites that eat brains. After I saw my ancestral homeland I realized I was not a slave to humans, I was a war zone refugee!!

I thank god everyday for Humans, and my beautiful home.

He showed me the glowing box he ordered me. It was called a Note 3, he had it waterproofed so I could use it. It was different from his glowing box, but he told me his glowing box was called a “Laptop” my glowing box was called a “cellphone”. They both do basically the same thing, but a cell phone is touch screen and easier to water proof.

Bob meanwhile hearing all this became very jealous. I was getting a glowing box and had all the power of a human. He hid away in all cave where I later heard him crying. I came in and asked if he was ok. He got angry and chased me out so I left him alone. The day came when my very own glowing box arrived I was so excited!!!

The human Greg said he’s going to have to figure out how this is going to work. The glowing box used something called electricity, and though it’s waterproofed, it still has to be plugged in to the wall. I think electricity is fascinating, its the most powerful magic of the humans. To fish it can be dangerous, because it travels in water and can zap us if not controlled. Of course every safety precaution was necessary, Greg knew what he was doing, I trusted him completely.

He made a custom fish tank. The tank was 40 gallons and he had a hole on the bottom and a wire called a phone charger. It was sealed so the water wouldn’t leak and the electricity would not escape. This way the phone could be plugged in all the time and I could use it anytime I wanted…. but this meant I would have to leave my home friends and family.

He prepared the new tank, filled it with water and everything seemed to work well. When he came to get me, I cried. I didn’t want to leave blueberry bay I told him. I love it here, my friends are here, my mother is here, it’s so much bigger here, please don’t move me. He set me back in the water and said ok fair enough. Here it’s what his new plan was but I have to help.

He told me he needed to get rid of some of the water in the tank, which meant the tube again like before. My job was to tell the other fish not to worry not to stress out. There was going to be loud sounds from a drill, their might be broken glass. The whole tank could work together by collecting any broken glass that fell in the tank from the drill. It was sharp and dangerous, so we have to be careful. But if we could just get it all in one pile it would be easier for him to get rid of it. And so I told the others and they all agreed, except bob, he hid in a cave some place. The tube came in everyone stayed calm. The drill was next, sure enough bits of glass fell and the drill was so loud none of us could hear anything. All the same we collected the bits of glass and the human sucked the pile of it up with the tube. Everything went according to plan. He put the wire in, sealed off the wire, and plugged the phone in. and I was now granted the magic of humans!

To Be Continued….


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