Origin Of ISIS, least we forget or not even Know

A lot of people dont know where isis came from including a few gop candidates and its actually a big deal.

Basically, it began when obama wanted to overthrow Asad. Syria had these rebels, obama thought if he funded them and gave them arms they would get rid of Asad for him…. This would avoid US involvement and we could continue to pull out of the middle east… That was about when those rebels went on with their own agenda and became ISIS. That is why obama didnt want to fight them and kept trying to negotiate… He thought he could get them to hold up their end of the original deal. That is where you probably know the rest and here we are 3 years later.

This is why Marco Rubio’s plan would never work, he thinks isis magically appeared somehow and if we fund/arm the Sunni rebels fighting Assad they will fight ISIS for us… Except ISIS is the Sunni rebels hes talking about he just doesn’t know were way past that :-/ So his plan is to just repeat the original plan Obama had. You see now why this is important, and why Rubio is weak on foreign policy. If he had spent more time actually doing his job in the Senate, he might be better up to date. Yet even I, a little fish, knows more then him. I only know so much because I followed the news in Syria as the rebels were beheading Christians and burning villages every where they went. Though I’m not running for public office – but anyway….

Some of the other GOP candidates, and indeed democrat candidates, I must say are so far lost on the situation I don’t even know what their talking about, and indeed they don’t either. It sounds more like they just made stuff up while on their tangents to put America on red alert lock down, and potentially instating what sounds like martial law…. over barbarians in the desert.. as if we havnt fried bigger fish with much less sacrifice to our constitution. On the other hand we are asked to do nothing and let everyone else in the world clean up Obama’s mess…. meanwhile accepting so called ‘refugees’.

Ted Cruz was the best informed of the bunch, and his plan may be very sound considering his extensive knowledge of the region and the situation. He studied his enemies very well and it shows he carefully calculated his plan well before running.

Though I suspect what Trump lacks in knowledge on isis or much of anything in the middle east – he makes up for in understanding the ‘trust no one over there and just blow shit up’ Idea is probably the best route… which may or may not be the best kind of informed decision we need in office, depending on how you look at it….

They are the top 2 and they are the best 2 for dealing with isis no doubt about it.  You can find more details in this article.



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