German Immigrants in WW2

I’m getting sick of hearing Germans and Japanese people were banned from immigrating to America during WW2. Infact it’s not only a lie it’s a very counter productive lie, because WW2 was the largest migration of German immigrants in American history. They were escaping the Nazis and the Communists particularly between 1946 and 1952…. Think about the Syrian situation before you spread this lie to people with this in mind.

1. My Grandmother immigrated to America in 1947, the process took 3 years, she gained citizenship in 1950…
As a typical German, she kept all her paperwork since. I still have her immigration papers in the attic, properly filed and meticulously organized, of the whole process if someone would like to review them.. t

2. None of this has anything to do with Religion anyway. My grandmother was Lutheran, like many Germans since the founding of the Lutheran Church in the 1500s. It was none other then the German Martin Luther who sparked the protestant reformation to begin with and the reason most of you aren’t catholic. I can’t imagine why there would be such animosity to Lutherans, considering Muslim extremest are no where near as big a threat or sophisticated as Germany in WW2.

Let me just add my grandmother had a friend from Japan who came here in 1950. They were very close friends for 60 years… We shared Christmas together… not every year but on occasions…. Mrs. Fukishimo  was a very nice lady she used to let me swim in her pool as a kid, she lived right next door to my Grandmother for about 20 years.

Oh sure they were the immigrants of the Axis forces and guess what else… that particular period was the Largest wave of German immigrants to America. This is well documented and well known across this nation. We got Albert Einstein from Nazi German science projects, he wasn’t exactly forced to come here either. He could have ran to any country, but he choose America. There was also Dr. Suess, Elon Musk grand father, Henry Kissingers parents…. There were MANY that came to America, approximately 5 million all fleeing the nazis, communist, and especially the Socialists. Now you want to relate syrian refugees, perceived victims of ISIS, to non existent bans on Germans in WW2.. Not only does it undermine your intelligence, but given the right push, and it’s not hard to do, the lie is exposed and in pour the refugees in bulk.

The only reason more Japanese people didn’t come was because:

1. They were very afraid to come to America because of the prejudice. Mrs. Fukishimo told me all her friends and family were terrified Americans would beat them or even kill them if they came, they tried stopping her to protect her, they even tried ruining her plans to get here (long story)… but she didn’t listen and she came even more determined to make a new life. When she got here she said she found everything they told her in Japan were lies. Americans were so friendly. Especially Republicans…. The same thing happened in Germany to my grandmother and many Germans. Except at the time Germans mostly understood Americans weren’t by nature a vicious people.

2. They wanted America to win the war, they did not want to live in a dictatorship and they were excited to establish democracy in their own country. Once we bombed Japan they were hopeful for the future because the emperor killed himself, with him gone the future had real possibilities. Many actually had a future because of Hiroshima… the rest was history, and this is why today Japan is one of our best tight nit allies.

Now I’m not saying these wonderful things will happen to Syrians. Infact I highly doubt it. the idea of this comes from not bringing in Muslims… ok I get it, and somehow you think banning enemy countries is similar to banning religion. The difference is SEVERE, and the point missed entirely – because you effectively provide clause to recind the freedom of religion. Trump himself may not ban Christianity, but are you so sure about the president after him? Or perhaps the one after that… How about members in the Senate or Congress.

Your going to sit here and tell me for 7 years you’ve watched liberals attack Christianity, and they are going to magically stop because Trump is president?

Besides all that fact, most Germans were always and still today, are Lutheran or Evangelic. Japanese is Confucius or Buddhists… Mrs. Fukishimo came here as a Buddhist in the 50s, later in the 70s she became christian, because a good christian woman told her she wanted to be friends in heaven. I myself can’t wait to see both my grandmother and Mrs. Fukishimo for another game of monopoly.

With that said, it’s one thing to ban the refugees. The reasons to ban them I most certainly do agree outweighs the benefits. Bringing them here won’t accomplish much for anything in retrospect, WW2 had other unrelated factors, but Japanese and Germans were not at all banned in the us, Infact republicans most of all welcomed them with open arms. I have Photographs, Documents, Names, Eye witnesses, and independent historical expert analysis to back this up if you’d like to debate this further.

Trumps authoritarian approach is not a solution. Take it from a grandchild of the Nazi regime. If she were alive, my grandmother would have understood trumps appeal perfectly… she explained to me why Germans voted for Hitler in the first place…

His plan, if even passed, gives the establishment the authority to shred our rights to bits just as well as a vote for Hillary would. I know your all for trump and stubborn, but your telling me people aren’t paying attention…  just let me ask you where have you been for the past 7 years?

This entire struggle in America has been about maintaining the constitution and protecting us from our enemies…. Theres better choices for that, Ted Cruz is a good start.


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