Why I Endorse Ted Cruz


I’m sure it doesn’t mean much from me, I am just a little fish in the big sea of blogging. Though I don’t rightly like bringing politics on my blog, Carly Fiorina is right to say:
“2016 election is going to be a fight, a big fight”.

I can not sit back and call myself a christian soldier and be apathetic to politics given what is at stake. It is a unavoidable fact our government is undergoing a spiritual warfare the likes of which this nation has never seen under the Obama Administration and the way things are generally moving to continue…. which in itself is a whole other article.
There shouldn’t be any christian out there right now calling themselves a Democrat, given what the democratic party intends to do, and it’s not even just about gay people – its every other abomination they seek to peruse in their reprobate mind. There should be no illusion on this fact by any means to any christian.

I am fully endorsing senator Ted Cruz and pledge my full support to his campaign. I have not seen such a courageous conservative who is as honest as he is willing to fight Washington corruption. Aka the Washington Cartel. I am well within the mark to say this nation is like the Israelites in choosing David to battle Goliath in more ways then one with this election cycle. My list of reasons for making this endorsement are as follows:

American Freedom Act.

Marco Rubio and Rand Paul being in the presidential race aswell, voted against the American Freedom Act. This bill eroded the Patriot act and ended NSA phone data collection without a warrant. The bill itself Ted Cruz was proud to lead the fight to push forth in Washington, and no doubt because of him it was passed almost unanimously. Today Americans and citizens of our allies such as Germany or France needn’t worry about the bulk collection of their phone conversations under the pretense of “Safety and Security”.

I mention Rand Paul and Marco Rubio as I was on the fence with them. The fact they voted against it, tells me they are beyond hypocrites. Both of them tell us they want to end NSA spying, yet given the opportunity to do so they refused. Instead they turned around and told people a blatant lie that this bill extended the Patriot Act and NSA spying. It did nothing of the sort and so they have made my decision easier in the 2016 election.

Kindness and Candor

Ted Cruz sets himself apart on the political stage via not engaging in smear campaigns. Certainly he’s not shy to call people out on their lies and garbage, however he doesn’t make it a habit. Ted Cruz appeals to the average American because he is an average American. He shops at bargin stores, he makes jokes and does quirky impersonations, he’s only comfortable in casual wear, and hes a bit of a nerd… In a good way. As a person he does not act like politician yet he is a politician enough to know how to attack Washington corruption. He has stood up to this evil many times before, coming out of it as a very decent and relatable human being.

I am simply tired of dull robot politicians like Jeb Bush or even Ben Carson. Yet I can not stand the idea of a 4 year long temper tantrum of a spoiled brat like Donald Trump. While these men have honorable merits I do not feel they have, or could even provide, the best interest of this country. When it comes to integrity, yes it is important, if not most important because it is so rare matched with a person willing and able to fight.

Equally important is the persona of our nation, we are not a formal people we ourselves are a candid and quirky people. I’m told by many people across seas this is a quality they like about us Americans. I could not be prouder then to provide the world with Ted Cruz as our representative, because him just being himself already represents us on the world stage.

Stand With Israel

Every gop politician goes around telling us Christian’s they want to stand with Israel. Certainly as a christian I feel this is important, however there are other issues I feel are important. Frankly, in the growing environment of hostility towards Israel we need a politician not afraid to say to a crowd:

“If you will not stand with Israel, I Will not stand with you”.

Ted Cruz has said this to a christian audience in response to an entire room booing him off stage for simply mentioning he supports Israel.  It is one thing to fight against the American peoples interests,  it’s another to be a light in this world of growing darkness. I in turn will not stand with any so called christian, or any one else, who will not stand with Israel either…. or for the matter any of American allies. If you want a politician or a christian blogger that caves under pressure, then me and Ted aren’t your guys.

You can see the video of Ted Cruz standing up for Israel in the incident described by clicking here.

Lobbyist and Special Interest Groups

While Donald Trump has made it a point to say he is his own lobbyist and special interest group, Ted Cruz is undoubtedly not interested in special interests. He could have I’m sure turned around and said:

“Ho hum I will go along with obamacare, I will sign this or that into law, I’ll just be a dormant for xyz.”

Certainly there are lobbyist representing virtually any given interest in America, of which I’m sure cruz has worked with. He himself however has chosen to avoid and oppose the evil lobbyists, yet I find very little evidence he even caters to any altogether.

Ted Cruz is my special interest group and lobbyist. If you want my political opinion on anything simply look to what Ted cruz has had to say about it. Never have I been so aligned in political opinion as Senator Ted Cruz, so choosing him should only make sense for me.

Peace Through Strength

Like it or not we are at war with ISIS and what’s worse our President is the sole reason ISIS even poses a threat. It’s not a conspiracy theory or a secrete he did so in plain public view and announced his plan time and again in rooms full of journalist and college campus auditoriums. For those who aren’t awake to this, real quick I’ll go over it.
It was part of his plan to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria. When Syria was in a civil war, Obama came up with the bright idea to send arms and funds to the rebel movement, hoping they would attack Assad and take over Syria. The rebels had other plans instead and so the whole plan backfired in Obama’s face when the world first heard the name ISIS. Obama did this even though it was obvious the rebels were beheading Christians and other innocent civilians. Attacking cities and creating chaos anywhere they went within Syria. If it were not obvious to Obama he was supporting terrorists then, it’s no surprise he can’t seem to figure out they are terrorist now.

America created ISIS in the first place I have no doubt of that. It is our duty now to defeat them whether we want a war or not, it’s here. It is not fair of us to sit back and let France go after ISIS alone after they have been attacked. It is also not a good idea to sit back and let Russia do all the fighting for us either. Many are convinced Vladimir Putin is a communist and if that is so, he can not gain control of the region.

With that said and regardless I like Ted Cruzs war plan I think it is very cleaver. Whats more is he actually has a war plan well before he even becomes president.

Ted Cruz directs our attention to the Kurds. These are a somewhat nomadic people who live just north of ISIS territory. The Kurds have always been an ally of the US in the middle east, and they have always been fighting ISIS. Currently our president has refused to aid our friends the Kurds in any way, leaving them to their own destruction. Ted Cruz wants to arm the Kurds give them everything they need to win the fight against ISIS. Meanwhile we back them with heavy airstrikes on ISIS targets. What should be obvious about this plan is the Kurds will be America’s boots on the ground, we do not even need to send in our own military for slaughter. In the process we help one of our allies and heal our relationship with them. They are willing to give their lives for the fight against terrorists, they have done so for 2 years now. And we have very little reason to distrust them. The plan itself is a wonderful idea, I could not begin to think of a better one myself.

What else… Oh yeah!

As the race progresses were beginning to see candidates compete via borrowing each others material. We see this happen in every election it’s no surprise it’s happening now. However ted cruz has stuck to his own script and what’s interesting is every one else on the gop stage has copied and pasted ted cruz like no other. Why on earth would I vote for a fake Ted Cruz when I can have the Original?

An example of this Carly fiorina just announced her so called “Blueprint For America”. Every single thing in her so called blueprint, word for word, is what Ted Cruz has been saying since 3 years ago…. Suddenly out of nowhere she’s pushing it off as if it’s her new plan. It’s pathetic, and honestly she may as well drop out now anyway.

Then there is the man Donald Trump. To start he hasn’t even put out a plan or set of issues he intends to do as president… besides “Build a Wall” or “Blow the shit up out of them” (referring to Isis).
It’s no surprise to me the first intelligent thing I’ve heard him say:

“We need a president who can atleast call our enemy what they are: Radical Islamic Terrorist”

Trump fans please… that has been Ted Cruz’s talking point for years. suddenly trump is citing it word for word just over the last 2 weeks or so.

With all that said, and more unsaid

angelfishanimation-26I Angel Fish, the writer of this blog site, am proud to stand/swim with Senator Ted Cruz in his road to presidency of the United States of America. It is my sincerest wish there will be those who follow, though I am nothing more then a little fish in this big American pond.


3 thoughts on “Why I Endorse Ted Cruz”

  1. I like Cruz and I am amazed at the unreasoning hatred he elicits from both Repub/Rinos and Dems. Mean-spiritedness from latter is understandable and expected though.

    He is a strong constitutionalist and I think a real conservative –
    unlike the Donald.

    Things look different since Wisconsin, but I am still not invested very heavily in this highly-amusing circus of an election.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Angel, just surfing the web. Is your blog still doing okay? You seem like a good warrior but times are a changing. I write some but never pay much attention to politics, media, new world order kinda of stuff. I am all about God and it must be hard to keep your readers interested. I know fer sure I am not famous but keep hammering away that’s a good thing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Still going Joe. I write about anything and everything, which I think you’ve kinda tapped into just clicking around. Not really looking for a big fan base I’m just a little fish who likes to write 🙂

      Not into new world order thing myself, I’ve often found its manipulative. Lots of half truths and misquoted scriptures, with a neo con Jesus :-X


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