Hitler was a far right Socialist, Not a Right Wing Conservative

Historically Hitler is said to be a Far-Right politician. Sometimes when Americans hear this they are lead to believe he was Republican. By every way imaginable Hitler was in no way republican, he was much further left then most democrats.

Hitlers political policies

The Environment.

The term “environmentalist” didn’t exist in Hitlers time, and so no one called him that. None the less Hitler was actually the first politician to take serious endeavours that eluded to environmentalism.

Ivory Bans to save endangered Elephants. Hitler instated the policy after conducting surveys of elephant populations. The surveys were the first to find elephant populations were on a rapid decline, and so he instated a ban on ivory in Germany.

State funded garden initiative to beautify Germany and help the poor have gardens. Nazi German government gave flowers out for free as part of the initiative to beautify germany.

Wild life preserves in Africa. Hitler wanted to establish hunting free zones to help animals in Africa. He worked with several African governments to establish the first wild life preserves in Africa. Before him, no other politician ever conceived of the idea.

Building code regulations. Hitler instated building code regulations in a effort to help local wildlife. T the regulations required before constriction of any building a surveyer came to the property and relocate any animal nest and home before demolition of trees and landscape. Bird nest, squirrels, snakes. .. any animals home would have to be moved before construction. Unless they had babies or eggs, in which case constructed was halted until the children grew up and moved out.

Big Government

Hitler believed government should control everything, that goes without saying considering he was a dictator. But just what did that include?

Unemployment office.
Nazi German unemployment office is actually the inspiration behind the American unemployment office. The difference is this. Businesses were forcefully assigned workers by the state. If a business refused workers by the unemployment office the business was shut down by the state. This was part of the ‘miracle’ of German economic success in which the unemployment rate was absolute 0% in just 2 years of Hitlers leadership. I should think you would be pretty hard pressed to find a GOP politician going this far to create jobs.

Central Inflation Control Office.
Before Hitler was elected inflation in Germany was wildly out of control. Hitler decided the price of goods and services needed to be strictly regulated by the state. He established a central office who’s sole purpose was to draw a list of every single good and service in Germany and decide the fair market price. Businesses had to maintain their costs based on the set price by the state, if not they were shut down. 

Other leftist policies.

Gun Control

If you really don’t want to get elected by the GOP, start talking about gun control. Hitler took gun control to a whole new level democrats could only dream. He confiscated guns across Germany,  starting with Slavic immigrants then on to everyone else besides state officials.

Social Welfare.

The unemployment office as mentioned was primarily instated as a social welfare program in Nazi germany. However there were others.

Young couples were given a check of $5000 on their wedding day to help get them started in life along with a copy of ‘Mein Kampf’. This was issued to them by the priest of the wedding ceremony immediately after the ceremony.

Permanently disabled people were quietly euthanized in the form of a harmless flu shoot. Doctors were instructed by the state not  to tell the family they were Euthanasing the patient in order to save them the guilt or cause distress. However Hitler understood disabled people were a burden on german families no matter how much the family loved them. He instated this policy as a means of social welfare and tried doing it as a form of compassion. The poison used was a slow acting poison that took effect weeks after the injection and caused no pain to the patient.

We built that business.
Unbeknownst to many the mantra Obama and Hillary cite is one Hitler very much agreed with only he took it to a level beyond their wildest dreams.
Hitlers baby, pride and joy was Volkswagen. The way this worked involved a massive government intervention in the company’s corporate structure. Hitler believed there wasn’t such a thing as a private company parsé, they were all half owned and operated by the state. Volkswagen was forced by the state to hire government beurocrats to improve their products. The entire development of Volkswagen cars before 1950 was a forced government intervention of a private sector company. Volkswagen was just one example.

What about the Jews

I purposely left the Jews for last  because more or less it states the obvious. Hitler didn’t like jews, Duh right?
Let me as you something; considering the democratic party has sided against Israel in favor of Palestinians, would we find it easier to find anti Jewish republicans?

Certainly no one in the Democratic party would dream of exterminating the Jews, but they havnt exactly gone out of their way to support them either. It does seem to be an interesting parallel to suggest the left of American politics are closer to Hitler then republicans.

Why is Hitler far right?

In Hitlers case he was dubbed “Far Right” by the Socialists of Europe not so much by Americans. There is an exhaustive answer to this the summary being, he was far right compared to the rest of Europe and certainly much further right then communism.

National Socialism was a new idea in Europe. Most people don’t really know what constitutes as “National Socialism” though it means what it sounds like. Most socialists in Europe believe socialism works best with combined effort of multiple nations, thus is why Europe has The European Union. Hitler believed socialism worked best only on a national level. At the time Europe had what was called the League of Nations, which was the original version of the EU.

Effectively what Hitler did was separate Germany from the league of nations. His Enitire political career was about leaving Europen league of nations all together, he only paid out German government debt money… once that was paid off he told Europe goodbye.. This was what made him far right from the rest of Europe. Arguably this was part of the reason they wanted to get rid of him.

It wasn’t the jews, it wasn’t gun control, it wasn’t even the rest of it. It all had to do with the fact he did not want to share money with the rest of Europe and he opposed communism. That’s really about it.


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