Again…. Europe Needs To Wake Up to Radical Islam

It wasn’t too long ago I wrote an article on Europe needing to wake up to radical Islam. It was just before the million people march in paris. Here is that article  Since then I can see plainly it’s not Europeans so much as it is European leaders. They need to get real.

Let’s review:

First and foremost Europe has had numerous terrorists attacks in the past. Many places in Europe began welcoming ‘Sharia Law Zones’- sections of town cut off from democracy just for muslims. The population of Muslims grew and grew over about a decade, as it grew terrorist attacks also grew with them. However, most of these attacks were shrugged under the rug.

Second there was the Charlie Hebdo attack. Relatively this was a very small attack, but for some reason it was enough to spark 1 million people to march in paris to “stand against terrorism”. Angela Merkel made it a point to lead the march of European leaders in the sea of people. Each European leader made a speech on not being afraid of terrorism, and standing up to radical Islam. They waved their hands sang some songs before the crowd, making a big what to do out of the march- Yet as I observed in my previous article, most of these speakers were people who

A. Fought to have sharia law zones.

B. Publicly criticized citizens for marching against radical Islam in their own country. Groups like EDL, PEGIDA, etc (Merkel in particular).

After a million people marched in paris life went on as if nothing happened. There was no more mention of radical terrorism anywhere to be found on the lips of European Leaders. In fact it was another thing entirely…

Angela Merkel began going on about how Europe needs to bring in Syrian Refugees. Determined to destroy Europe, she insisted every country to do their part. Anyone who disagreed with her or had something different to say, she called them “racist” or “hateful” even “intolerant”. ( the worst liberal insult of them all :-/ )

Now Paris has been attacked with AL Queda style shooting and bombings. This coupled with another set of gunman holding a concert hall hostage screaming ‘Allah Akbar’ and ‘this is for Syria’.

I didn’t want to write anything about the paris attack until I heard what Angela Merkel and other European leaders had to say. Well this is what they have to say:

The Paris attacks “seriously raise the stakes for Merkel and her refugee crisis. It will now stir up a debate domestically about whether the government should be more careful about who they are letting in.”
– analysts at Eurasia Group in London

“We can’t allow illegal and uncontrolled immigration.”- Markus Soeder, a member of the Bavarian state government

“We are not in a war between religions but in a fight between civilization and brutality.”- Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy

“We believe in the rights of every individual to seek his fortune, in respect for others and in tolerance, Let us reply to the terrorists by resolutely living our values and by redoubling those values across all of Europe — now more than ever.” – Angela Merkel

*Quotes from Bloomberg Buisness Article

Interesting contrast among European leaders. It seems everyone except Angela Merkel and David Cameroon have figured out Muslim = Terrorists.

I will tell you now, nothing will come out of the Paris attack. The Syrian Refugee so called “Crisis” will continue, as Merkel will push to pour middle eastern people into Europe. Even in the face of the German people asking her to step down and resign as Chancellor. (And they have done so many times in the past year).

12208678_428115564050323_2876208496789236373_nTruthfully it may not be the Syrians refugees, Europe has enough terrorists already in its borders. The refugees just puts the icing on the cake and illustrates the divide between leaders and the people. (Though one of the gunman had a Syrian passport) Relatively the paris attack is a minor attack with 120-150 dead. What makes it stand out is the boldness and audacity in which it was carried out.

Merkel needs to get over herself, and as she puts it her “vision”. She seems to think she is being courageous in a quest to do the right thing. In the process of “tolerance” she will destroy Europe with political correctness.


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