What is the Electoral College

Who are these mysterious people behind the scenes voting for our president? Why should I bother voting if they can cancel my vote?

Calm down I know many hate this, but let me put this in a way anyone can understand. It’s not secrete people voting behind closed doors, it’s an equation. It is actually a great thing, I mean just think it’s the reason AL Gore lost the presidential election.

I know some criticize this in so many ways and ussually they don’t even know what their talking about. If you don’t believe me look at the top people who want to get rid of The Electoral Collage:

AL Gore- evil environmentalist
Martin O’Malley – gov. Of Maryland
Andrew Cumo – gov. Of New York
Chris Christie – gov. Of new Jersey

All those people who voted for AL Gore and later president Obama. (Coincidentally it’s the same people who voted for Chris Christie, O’Malley, and Cuomo)
Satan – nuf said

It’s not just America that has this system israel, Aulstralia, Germany, japan, and many others do this but they call it something different. The idea is to give a voice to rural people equal value to the voice of city people. It makes the elections more fair in a variety of ways.

Here is how it works

I just want to say it again because people have short memories. It’s not secrete people voting behind closed doors, it’s a math equation.

Every person has a vote, depending on their state their vote has a certain value.

In New York 1 persons vote counts as 3 votes. In Ohio 1 persons vote counts as 12 votes.

So let’s say we have 2 people running for office Jack and Jill, and let’s pretend we live in a country that only has 2 states. I just want to make this simple.

Green state vote value is 3
Brown state vote value is 5

In the green state 6 people vote for jack and 4 people voted for Jill.

In the brown state 5 people voted for Jill and 3 people voted for Jack.

So the total votes are:
Jack: 6+3= 9
Jill: 5+4=9

Green state voter population: 10
Brown state voter population: 8

Now we have the electoral value:

The fact both states don’t have an equal population means the majority could easily out vote the minority. This is called “dictatorship by majority”. Let’s say Jack went to the brown state and said
“Vote for me and I’ll use increase taxes from the green state and give all the money to you”.

After saying this he made sure people in the green state heard no such promise. The people there would be lied to and voted for Jack thinking something different. In the end Jill won instead and so evil is curbed.

There is a bit more algebra involved however. The idea with the collage is to break down the total value in terms of fractions. The fraction is based on the total amount of vote values.

Green state 3 Brown state 5 gives us 8.

Green votes
Jack: 6×3= 18
Jill: 4×3= 12
Brown votes
Jill: 5×5=25
Jack: 3×5=15

Jack                         Jill
18+15=33.          25+12=37

33/37 is the total but let’s take it down to just 8.
33/37 becomes 3.5/4.5

So now we can say 3.5 people voted for Jack and 4.5 people voted for Jill. If I were using bigger numbers you will see something a lot more realistic however I’m only so good at math and this is just an example.

Trust me when I say your vote matters, and it matters a great deal. If there were some secret of people voting behind closed doors, political candidates would not put so much time, money and effort to get you to vote for them. The media wouldn’t try to push Jed Bush on us even though it’s obvious no one likes him. If your vote did not matter they literally would go lobby the secrete government instead not bothering even discussing their ideas to you. America would have been a dictatorship a Looong time ago and it would be so much worse off then anything you can imagine. Please do not use the electoral college as an excuse not to vote, it’s simply not true.



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