Ben Carson… hmmm

I know I will probably get some backlash on this, indeed I could go in a lot of directions with this. However I see the media arguing Ben Carson’s biblical views not even understanding anything about the bible themselves.
I don’t see where they have a leg to stand on when criticizing him – all they really do is criticize the bible itself. To me the media just looks as uninformed as ben carson on the bible.

Needless to say Ben Carson isn’t my candidate not because he’s allegedly christian, rather I just can’t see him negotiating with members in Congress. I certainly cant see him negotiating with foreign leaders like Vladimir Putin, or even the easy to get along with Angela Merkel. He’s more fit to be a college professor then a president. It’s really just that simple.

Since people seem to be taking this candidate so seriously all of sudden just because he’s quoted the bible a few times, I thought I would just spell somethings out.

Tenths and taxes

Ben carson cites an instance where a poor woman gives money to the temple and Jesus says “this woman has given more then anyone else here”. Jesus further commented that his followers should give 10% of their income to charity.

I agree with carson on the idea we need a simple flat rate tax. 10% is a good number in my opinion. However the government is not a charity organization. Jesus in no way claimed taxes are to be 10%. Knowing this basic thing sure I could keep my mouth shut and just say:
“Well I agree with him because it amounts to the same thing”.

However this misinterpretation is so basic, I wonder where else is he going to misinterpret the bible. Whats worse this suggests he is perfectly willing to twist the bible anyway he wants to create policy. Nothing is more destructive to both the nation and the church. I’ve just seen enough false prophets twist the bible plenty and enough politicians twist policy in crazy ways. Huckabee would have been a better christian candidate if looking for simply a christian politician.

Seventh Day Adventist

Carson is not evangelical, I think people havnt simply googled this. His denomination is not recognized as christian denomination by many standards, he is in fact Adventist (SDA). While I’m not an authority on this subject I know enough just on sda members I’ve spoken to on facebook. Members here are required to believe in creationism by their church. Should carson denounce creationism publicly in anyway the church will no longer recognize his membership. As far as what any other SDA teachings are I can’t really say much more about them.

I can say this as a true conservative no one should be forced to believe in creationism. I believe in creationism because I’ve looked at the science of the thing and found for myself this isn’t christians going on tangents against secularism. There is actually credible evidence in many scientific avenues, tested in accordance to the scientific method. The subject matter proved itself on its own merit, not just on the basis of the bible.

The difference is this when you force someone to believe something,  they likely will shout it out. However they won’t really take it seriously and take anything that sounds like creationism as creationism.

In the subtext of SDA churchs requirement of the belief in “creationism” is it must include “Gap Theory”. Automatically that is a flaw because it inhibits scientific advancement. It’s a big deal because even among creationists “Gap Theory” has long been discredited. Today were going all the way with a literal 6 day creation and a literal 6000 year age of the earth.. (This theory is called “New Earth” theory)

“Gap theory” was originally intended as a apologetic approach to say “no one knows how old the earth is”, so the gap is no one knows how long Adam and eve were in the garden. According to gap theory the earth can be as old or young as you want it to be.

The end result is this, we see a nice guy going out on a limb running for president, while making creationist look foolish as well as himself. The simple reason is SDA church places no flexibility on science being able to change along with members interpretation of the bible being able to change. Consequently it enables band aids on scripture and makes christiandom look fictional when it isn’t.

Ask yourself this, would you rather look for credible biblical evidence or would you rather feel like you need to put band aids on the scripture in order to make scripture sound intelligent?

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding..”

When asked “What is your favorite bible verse” Ben carson was in my view right to choose Proverbs 3:5 – except I don’t see him doing that. Band aids on scripture are created for the sake one does not ‘feel’ scripture is adequate. An example of this is found in his theory the Pyramids were built to store grain.

Yes I can see through this media trend as a smear campaign against carson. The fact is this claim does not hold water in anyway… It simply comes from Carson’s belief in using band aids on scripture not so much in archeology. Oh sure most of us don’t really care but it’s evidence enough to prove my point about his beliefs.

In real creationism and real archeology Joseph is a tricky figure to pin down. The controversy with this is ancient Egypt is very old. If he built the graineries in the middle kingdom, it’s most likely at some point the Egyptians would have tore them down to build other things at their location. Kinda like how New York City use to be just farms and a village of about 300 people. If you were to do an archeological dig there today you would find no evidence farms or small houses were ever there. I believe I did read there were some graineries found, along with texts talking about pharohs dream. however the evidence is sparse, and only to be fair it would be. Certainly the pyramids were not commissioned by Joseph and no one is even making that claim just based on certain evidences, and alternative evidences proving a stronger theory. He could have looked into the alternative theories before coming up with something so short sighted.

Please Don’t vote because a politician says he’s christian

Christians need to learn walking by faith does not entail being lead foolishly. Discernment is as much a value in the bible as blind faith- if not more. Even Obama claimed to be a christian and how much invested trust do you place on that?

Cultural conservativism is not the equivalent of a cultural christian, the term is more literal, but it seems the 2 go together well in America. A cultural conservative believes the culture of one’s nation is based on certain beliefs, and those beliefs take prominence over anything else or new. In America the case is ussually the bible. In India cultural conservatism is people who hold on to traditional Hindu traditions that are currently fading in modern India. Catholics base their entire religion around Cultural Conservatism, in that the traditions of the church is more important then anything else. Most conservatives in Japan refuse to accept modernization of any form while holding on to classical Japanese traditions, in many ways like in India…

I guess what I’m saying is Cultural Conservatives can take many forms. It’s different then cultural christians in the sense they are not “Luke warm” or moderate conservatives, they simply hold on to their traditional culture.

I believe cultural conservatism is not entirely a good thing in America because it creates masses of cultural christians like nothing else. They are only christian because they believe it’s a sort of requirement in order to be American. For them you can misquote the bible anyway you feel like, they will put you on a pedestal no matter what you say.

There are many forms of conservatives and indeed we tend to agree on many things. In truth most of us are very open minded people, and we are flexible enough to change with the times. The difference between us and moderate republicans, liberalism etc is we look into things things first. We don’t just sway on ideals based on nonsense or because Ellen DeGeneres says we should.

Likely if you are a Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina or Rubio supporter your in the same camp as me with things. We stand for truth and make no comprises on something different.

Carson does not have an original opinion for policy making

I think people don’t really understand this about carson, but his entire platform is entirely based on what Ted Cruz came up with, Rubio, Trump, Fiorina spliced in with Dinesh D’Souza and other republican voices. Thus far he hasn’t had one original idea yet for policy making. He’s kinda like Lady Gaga ripping off maddonas “Express Yourself” in her song “born that way”. In no way is this a definition of leadership, he’s just using a collage of popular republican opinion to build himself up.

Speaking of lady Gaga, what ever happened to her? It seems like that was a very short career compared to Madonna. Like anyone who copy pastes other people’s ideas, at some point he will be faced with a situation others are completely silent on. When that time comes he will fail miserably. This was the same flaw we saw happen many times in Obama’s presidency.

Here’s the truth about Ben Carson.

It’s not about the pyramids, its not about he’s SDA, it’s not the West point thing or any other smear headline the media pumps out about Bens past. It’s not even remotely the fact he’s black. I like him a lot as a person, he seems like a decent human being. I have no personal grudges on his charecter or personality. In fact i think its neat He’s running and he used to live in the same county I used to live in (Howard County, MD). It’s about the job he’s applying for. As an employer I simply don’t feel he has the capability to lead this great nation in the right direction. I need a Reagan or JFK, he’s more like a math teacher I had in elementary school.


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