Aliens and Christianity

Pastors and Christian leaders are often faced with many questions. Sometimes it’s things as simple as “Will my cat go to Heaven” other times it’s weird such as “Did Jesus use the bathroom”. One question that often gets unanswered and I think should be answered is “Did god create Aliens and intelligent life on other planets”.This question Ussually is left open ended for a variety of reasons:

1. The Bible is completely silent on the matter. They don’t know and they don’t care.
2. It doesn’t seem to really matter anyway. Atleast to the person being asked. It’s a frivolous question and a waste of time.
3. Some believe the question comes from a spirit of doubting faith. They don’t want to answer because no matter what they say the person will doubt it anyway. Then there’s the risk of putting barriers on faith when the person discovers something else about it he might not be aware of.

None of these are good reasons. #3 maybe so, but if they don’t believe you no matter what then well, nothings lost nothings gained so there’s nothing to loose is there?

I confess I don’t have all the answers to the ‘Big Questions’. However I know someone who does, and he tells us to think for ourselves most of the time. With that said I can only answer from what I’ve researched and what conclusion I have drawn.

Like many people I have watched Ancient Aliens, and like many of them I’ve discovered a good deal of that show was lie after lie after lie. I actually sat down with a pen and paper for just one episode, fact checking every piece of evidence that show put forth. I discovered just the first 10 mins of it there was about 30 blatant lies. On average the show pumps out over 400 bits of misinformation per episode.
So please tell me I’m not talking to someone who earnestly believes everything they see on tv about aliens.

Shows like Ancient Aliens is where most of this question people ask is coming from. It’s because of that it’s hard to answer because I can never tell what lie they heard that prompt the person to ask. There’s just too many lies out there to keep up with and they often conflict with other lies. So you might see where no one can answer that or argue with it, because there’s nothing to argue with if all the facts are twisted and a person has their head in the clouds.

Anyway back to point. Yes as a christian I do believe in Aliens however not in the general way people think.
I submit to you my opinion in detail with my reason for believing such.

1. Aliens, UFOs, are Demons

This can go in a lot of ways very quickly. Reading over abduction stories I can see many people have the same story. They get sucked into a light, their forced on some kind of medical examination table, there’s some kind of message given to them, their back home and everything is over. Usually their scared they might try to resist, but no matter what they have no choice. However some abduction stories include people Screaming out “Jesus save me” and the whole experience is abruptly over immediately in a flash of light. I’ve noticed Ancient Aliens and other shows keep that bit of information out. That’s where I draw my conclusion they are demons.

If say Aliens were just another life form a person being abducted could scream “Jesus save me” all they want, it wouldn’t matter. The examination would continue and they can struggle all they want. Yet the fact that when they scream it, and suddenly they are zapped back onto planet earth, suggests the person successfully cast out a demon. Jesus tells us he gives us authority over demons, they only control us as long as we let them. The minute we say “Jesus” to a demon he has no power over us. It’s like a password.

Ancient aliens tells us Aliens are prevalent in the bhagavad gita, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Mayan ruins etc. Often they are portrayed as pagan God’s. Funny as a christian I’ve always said pagan gods are demons, Though ancient aliens very well distorted Hinduism and Myans as well as the Bible to make this claim, I might believe they were on to something. However the fact Aliens have been seen in the past, again suggests nothing outside the bible. We have a very old enemy called Satan and he has many friends. You wouldn’t be telling me something new just by calling them aliens.

Let me suppose they are not demons and really are life forms from another planet. Well what’s the point of coming here?
They’re not mining anything, and they don’t seem to be talking to us. They have all this advanced technology yet they hide and prey on us when we’re alone and vulnerable in the back woods or some desert in the Midwest. They kill cows for no apparent reason, they make crop circles to draw random symbols that make no sense. They have fights with each other in earth’s sky flying over Germany in public view in the 1500s, yet there’s all this empty space outside of earth with less obstruction to move around…. tell me what is the point of all this?

There’s no rhym or reason, yet their an intelligent life form? There must be a purpose otherwise this is schizophrenic behavior. In all this time they never enslaved us or made contact or gained or given anything from Earth at all. If we are just lab rats then why not just tell us that or for the matter use us for something…. well useful? thus far they themselves seem to have no function or business whatsoever.

The Bible says judge everything by its fruit, the trouble here is the only fruit I see is UFO conspiracies, Sci Fi films, and some very weird people who’ve managed to turn Aliens into some kind of wired religion. I can’t help at chuckle when I see the sign in “Independence Day” Jesus was an Alien. All in all I have to say, for how much the government is trying to cover up aliens, there’s certainly a lot of information, sloppy cover up jobs, and tons of funding going into Alien propaganda from the government.

2. There’s so many stars how can we possibly be alone in the universe.

Whose lonely?  I have 7 billion friends and counting right here on earth. I’d like to call the person reading this one of them. Why do any of us need to wait for them to show up to resolve loneliness? More to the point why does it matter to you there’s other planets out there and the bible has nothing to say about it?

Let me spell this out another way. The nearest star Proximal Centauri  is 4.24 light years away. Which means even if we could travel the speed of light (which is impossible due to physics) it would take 4.5 years to get there. Yet this star is strongly believed to not have any planet at all orbiting it. To date the closest known star with a planetary system is over 70 light years away.

Think about this. The legal age to work in the United states is 18. It takes about 10 years to train a Astronaut. That astronaut would have to travel 70 years of his life in a space ship. If in the small chance everything went according to plan, By the time he gets there he would be 98 years old. As soon as he stepped foot on a alien planet he would be too senial to remember what he was supposed to do when he got there, All of that is If he even lived to be 98.

Yeah I’ve noticed alot of people never take these numbers into account, but this is what we’re up against. If God made life on other planets I think it should be obvious he knew it was irrelevant information because it’s physically impossible for us to go there anyway to find out. The Bible is a history book not a science textbook, he only put in the things we need to know to learn from other people’s mistakes, what kind of person he is, and what to generally expect from other people and how to deal with them…. things that are well, useful in all our lives if you take the effort to understand them.  He’s a Father, this is the kind of things you must expect from a father… A good father would try to prepare their children for life ahead in things that actually affect them.

3. Wouldn’t it be cool to colonize mars?

Personally no I really have no interest. I came to this personal revelation years ago when Mars One was talking about it, and sat down with the reality of the thing.

My house on earth is about 1700 Sq ft. I can go out side and garden, ride my bicycle, take a trip to Europe or maybe some tropical beach in the Caribbean. Living in the United states I have constitutional rights and over all my boss isn’t so bad. All of this I have taken into account I would have to give up before I was going to sign up for Mars One…..

Then I watched Total Recall. A private corporation who has a mining colony and imposes taxes on air. I would have to live in a 9’x5′ space, and going outside to garden or bike ride would be a death sentence. There isn’t a beach, or a Europe –  there’s an endless red desert with freak tornado’s and insane lightning storms. If say there is water, were talking molecules worth- that just isn’t going to make a tropical beach, or even a bath. Everything is imported and takes 5-8 years to get there, you can bet everything will be expensive. I know this just on the fact I have family in Hawaii – a gallon of milk there, $10 mostly import fees among other things. I can imagine what it would be 8 million miles to the most literal middle of nowhere. Then there’s the matter if pets are allowed, my 2 cats and dogs are my babies I refuse to let them stay behind. Yet I know there’s no place for them in a 9’x5′ space and probably a no pet policy on company property. Emergency systems would have to be a series of steel doors like bulk heads on a ship. Should there be a crack in a window, lets say there was, the door has to shut quickly leaving everyone in the room trapped to suffocate so the rest of the colony can live.This is still true on cruise ships as it was for the Titanic. I personally could not live with the guilt nor would i want to suffocate because someone elses oversight in a simple crack.

Generally speaking corporations treat people expendably here on earth well enough, now we want to put them outside the jurisdiction of The U.N. or some reputable governing body that enforces human rights or labor laws? I’m sure corporations would love nothing more then setting up shop on mars, though more then likely it will be a massive sweat shop or forced labor camp. We wont get paid very much either because the company wants to be competitive in the price of their product against the expense of shipping to earth. Meanwhile they will be in control of the only transmissions to earth. They will tell everyone how great it is to be there. No one would believe us or care or able to help if/when we get the chance to tell them how cruel our boss is, and how awful everything else is. I know this just because I’ve seen this happen before right down here on earth more then once, though not to the extreme of a unbreathable atmosphere. Foxconn, Martha Stewart, Walt Disney World, Walmart just to name a few examples. Sure we believed Foxconn employees had it rough in china, yet people kept buying iphones anyway didn’t they.
Frankly, I couldn’t think of one good thing about living on Mars, I still cant. Sure it’s fun to dream something different, but in all practicality it really would suck.

4. The ‘Credible’ Evidence

There is a math equation ancient aliens likes to put forth called The Drake Equation, that estimates the likely hood of life in outer space. The trouble with this it’s a very unscientific equation because all of the variables are based on assumptions, not facts. Yet for some reason people submit this as evidence for life in other solar systems not really thinking about it. It should be obvious to anyone who had algebra in middle school…. Variables are “fill in the blank”, when the entire equation is variables the answer can only be another variable leaving it unsolvable. Yet this equation in particular, you can fill in whatever numbers you want and it doesn’t matter the answer is Aliens. Again by no means is that scientific.

Water on other planets does not necessarily mean life is there. Indeed when you read what NASA says carefully you notice they never really “say” water is on Mars or pluto, they always say “The possibility” or “Searching for evidence….” often they leave their statements open to your imagination. Again that’s not science, that’s called propaganda to the tax payers to ensure they maintain federal funding by putting pressure on elected members of congress. Cynical as that may sound but hear me out.

Remember maybe 5 years ago Obama was pushing to defund NASA because they weren’t producing viable scientific data? Since then I have seen NASA pumping this “water on other planets” campaign like crazy, yet to date I haven’t seen anything other then “the possibility of” or “search for” etc. On such a massive scale NASA is pushing this down our throats, yet what have they really got to show for it besides computer images of water on Mars and assumptions. Meanwhile, they actually work on other projects completely unrelated to Mars – which isn’t a secrete they just dont make a big deal out of them.

We can take pictures of a desert right here on earth and look for water samples in the dust and sand a whole lot cheaper, and easily develop better instruments for doing so on another planet in the process. Yet that wouldn’t cost 30 billion dollars plus commission to the directors of NASA would it?

My mother worked for APL my father worked for JPL, my husband works for a school district, my uncle worked for the prison system, my aunt worked at Recreation and Parks, my baby sitter worked for Food Stamp office….  I feel like I grew up with a rare understanding in how this works. It has nothing to do with mars and space exploration. When working for the government, the object is to try to justify to the government why your office needs X amount of money come budget time. This way, you can give people raises so that next year your office can justify why you need more money then last year, and so raise salaries again. How they have to do this is start projects or open new facilities they know they can’t afford, creating a deficit in their budget. The state or federal office is then pressured to up the money anyway. One of 2 things happens if they dont want to put up the money.

A. They will turn around to the tax payers.  Telling them the government is trying to shut them down and close the entire office for XYZ. Particularly if it’s an election year because things usually go quicker when people are up for re election.

B. They purposely default and may take loans from a private bank. This route allows the department to create debt quietly. By defaulting. The government has no choice but to pay up, however the department has its reasons for not wanting to smear a politician or local government.

This goes for NASA, schools, police departments, the SPCA, recreation and Parks and every government branch. Debt is a good thing, but do not confuse this with National Debt (thats a different thing). I know it sounds crazy but they all do the same thing. I’m sorry to say this is your tax dollars at work if you didn’t know.

Some might call this blackmail or extortion. As you see either way they get their money, which is why you shouldn’t buy into to much when they go with route A. They will never go into all the details publicly anyway, and the politician will only sound like a jerk if he brought up his side of the story to the public – and often he/she doesnt bother because they know the game.

You may have notice we ussually hear a great deal from NASA only around August knowingly congress meets on the budget in September and October. Try getting a press release from NASA in say January about water on Mars. It’s almost a dead issue to them as their doing something else entirely most of the year. Think I’m kidding? Ask anyone who works for the government.

This is why I am more excited about private sector space exploration like Space X. They can’t blackmail the government as easily and are forced to produce viable scientific data if they want to be taken seriously. There’s just more for them to prove and they will have to put up more of fight to prove their worth. Plus they aren’t stifled by politics or international diplomacy along with many things that’s held up a lot of scientific advancement in the past. Private sector can essentially do or study whatever they want freely. Sadly NASA doesn’t want to give up its monopoly on American space travel. With all that said, I ask you who’s the good guy here NASA or Obama?
I rarely agree with Obama but I believe he was right we should give space travel over to private sector. That was the part most people missed 5 years ago when he said he wanted to cut NASA’s funding.

The End of my 2 Cents

All in all when it comes to Space travel I’m not against it. All I see however is people playing on other people’s emotions with it. Read chapter 6 of Hitlers Mein Kampf. He asserted the best way to advance propaganda is to play on people’s emotions rather their rational mind. Give them small facts here and there but never go into much detail with those facts gently stroking their emotions and encouraging them to ‘Feel’ rather ‘Think’. This way you never have to keep your facts together and they can change over time without notice. Also like minded people can present their sets of facts without interfering with your information, creating harmony with external forces. Never challenge intellectuals at first as they will refute the facts quickly and your propaganda will never reach the masses. Target the ignorant first as there is more of them then the educated people and they tend to think emotionally making them easy targets. Quickly they will spread their information for you and stand up against the intellectuals and  by then even they will have to agree with the masses despite the facts. This way no one can refute your propaganda and a lie becomes the truth.

Just about every time I scroll through TV listings and come to the History channel all I see is back to back episodes of ‘ Ancient Aliens’ for HOURS…. Whats worse this has been going on for years with them and it seems to be the only show they ever have anymore. I am sorely disappointed with them. In all the things thats ever happened in human history, this is all they have to say about it and its all lies anyway. So it looks like the History channel is now itself History.

Thus far when it comes to aliens and what not, that’s generally the time line of events I’ve witnessed with it. You want my christian opinion on this, well I’m sorry but I sincerely think were being deceived. There is a strong push on the matter  and frankly its not trust worthy. Also I think some are so well deceived and emotionally attached to this thing the slightest sense of reason would make them angry and upset. As a christian and a smart person it is my duty to tell you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it. I tell you this because I have love for my fellow man, and I don’t know what direction this is going but I can tell it’s not a good thing just in how its presented.


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