The Devils Drink

For some reason, American Christian’s in particular, have a dreadful outlook on alcoholic beverages. In their mind Beer and Wine are the Devils drink. Never mind the fact Jesus’s very first miracle was turning water into wine. Never mind the fact there isn’t a single book in the bible that doesn’t mention it. This prejudice against beer and wine simply has no foundation whatsoever. In fact it’s an example of Satan infiltrating the church.

Usually the first argument i hear from such Christians  is:

“Wine in ancient Israel is not the same wine we have today, back then it was basically grape juice. Your not reading the Bible in its context”.

OK that’s a lie from the pit of hell. Also I’m convinced, Someone who says this hasn’t read the bible at all. Nor has a credible pastor or group their listening to. Let’s read Jesus’s first miracle in its context:

The Wedding at Cana

“Jesus saith unto them, Fill the waterpots with water. And they filled them up to the brim. And he saith unto them, Draw out now, and bear unto the governor of the feast. And they bare it. When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine, and knew not whence it was: (but the servants which drew the water knew;) the governor of the feast called the bridegroom, And saith unto him, Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: but thou hast kept the good wine until now” John 2: 7-10

Now ask yourself, Why would someone say this in verse 10 (highlighted in bold) if we were just talking about grape juice?

There is a saying “Every wine taste great after the first glass”. The reason for this is you can drink the worst wine ever,  but around glass #2, your taste buds are too dulled to notice how bad it really is. Its for this reason in wine tasting your supposed to spit the wine out, not swallow it. This way you can judge the best wine by tasting as many types of wine you want before you actually buy one or two bottles (in wine traders case they ussually they buy a lot more then one or two bottles, hence why there is this seemingly pretentious practice).

The implied logic of this verse is simple; the host serves the good wine first just to get people started drinking and making a good impression with guests. After that their too drunk to notice the host is cheap, and tried saving some money by getting mostly cheap and nasty wine- saving face in front of guests he serves it only when everyone’s sense of taste is too dulled to notice. The experience of wine is the same now as it was then. In this instance we see Jesus only wanted good wine. I’m sorry this just doesn’t work with grape juice.

Again we see Jesus coming to the Pharisees house to talk over dinner.
Matthew 11: 19

“The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, Behold a man gluttonous, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners. But wisdom is justified of her children.”

If Jesus isn’t drinking wine why might they accuse him of being a winebibber? (Drunkard)

The fact is no one cares about grape juice. No one will bring grape juice to a wedding, even Jesus, even 2000 years ago. Nor is it even possible for one to become drunk on grape juice. The difference between Grape Juice and wine is yeast, which is deliberately added to create wine. There is simply no way these verses can be interpreted any other way then:
Jesus + Wine =

Jugs from ancient greek trade ships found containing wine. perfectl preserved after 2500 years. The wine found contained 8% alch by volume.
Jugs from ancient greek trade ships found containing wine in the Mediterranean sea. perfectly preserved after 2500 years. The wine found contained 8% alch by volume.

Indeed we are talking about wine (as it is today) and I am reading the Bible in its context. Having made wine before myself I can attest it’s  impossible to make it with less than 5% alch by volume, just because of the way it works. (It’s contingent on the sugar concentration of the grapes themselves. Add yeast and it converts sugar to alcohol). Based on archaeological findings of wine from sunken ships in the Mediterranean, based on scripture experience and common sense…… Indeed wine today is the same wine back then and Jesus himself seemed to be very fond of it. I’m sorry if that bursts your bubble, but it is just a matter of fact.

How can we call Jesus a wino

If you carry this belief, Dear one how has Satan beguiled you? I know your well intentions but you carry a false belief. I fear for you that you may have a false impression of Christ in other areas, which is dangerous and destroying the church. This article isn’t just about wine its about dispelling this ungodly false new age flutter dutty version of Jesus at its core! I simply shutter to think of anyone who claims to be christian, yet finds satisfaction in they are more righteous then God or Jesus because of their stance on alcohol. Such a thing is a heresy and nothing can be more hypocritical.

The question is how did this belief that wine is inherently evil infiltrate itself into the American church?

I have theory, It can only come from the same people who banned alcohol in the 20s The Progressives. It’s the only explanation that makes sense considering early American churches and our European counterparts fondness for beer and wine. Christianity is 2000 years old, in all that time the prejudice against alcohol is less then 100 years old and is very distinct only to Americans. It can only come from the progressive movement.

The bible tells us to judge people and things by their fruits. The fruit of prohibition was a disaster and loaded with hypocrisy.

Police raid in a Chicago bootleggers home. They busted the the distillery inside creating this waterfall of Gin
Police raid in a Chicago bootleggers home. They busted the the distillery inside creating this bathtub  gin waterfall

Politicians of all strips got their drink from bootleggers while enforcing bans on alcohol (Including the president and members of congress). Well known spokesman (pastors, activist, etc) advocating prohibition were often found later going to court for possession. Through all this “Jazz and Liquor” was propagated as satanic and dangerous. The bible in particular was heavily used against the American public for the advancement of special interest groups and lobbyist representing a minority opinion. Scientific research was corrupted, even to this day believe it or not, just as well to fit the Progressives world view that drinking is bad for your health and evil.

Before prohibition The Italian Mafia was just broke street thugs no one ever heard of before. Not long after prohibition they were rich enough to build Las Vegas among other things.
Where do you think broke Italian immigrants got their money from?

They didn’t magically appear from nowhere, but they did come from a bunch of nobody’s. If they remained broke street thugs they would have dissolved into nothing eventually (just think about that).

Anyone who says prohibition was a success or a good thing, clearly is a fool. It went down in history as the greatest disaster in American policy making, even compared to some or all of Obama’s policies today.
(Yes it was so bad it’s that hard to beat) With all of this said none of this is a big secrete rather common knowledge. How much more ridiculous is it someone has to spell this out?

So that is the fruit of this prejudice of alcohol in American history. The remnants of the progressive era ideology sadly still exists in America today. As to why it’s a popular belief carried on in the church I havnt a clue.

The Christian Church and Drinking

What could a monastery, missionaries and Oktoberfest have in common? Beer, brandy, wine and of course Jesus!
Oktoberfest in Germany began as a celebration to thank God for the harvest and each other (the christian god) some 600 years ago. Today they still carry the tradition of blessing the beer before a single glass is served in the name of Jesus.

A Lutheran Monastery in Germany just before harvesting the grapes.
A Lutheran Monastery in Germany just before harvesting the grapes for wine.

Monasteries with the very same monks who copied the bible by hand, preserving Gods word diligently, funded themselves and their work by making wine. A tradition that’s 1500 years old in some parts of France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Ukraine. These same monasteries still make wine today. (Some of these are Catholic others Lutheran, Baptist and Methodist etc. If it matters to you)

Brandy was made by monasteries to give to people attending church on sundays. Crazy right? But you see these big cathedrals throughout Europe – I know their gorgeous and massive… imagine what it takes to heat them in January.
Before indoor heating, churches had to keep people warm somehow, they did it by giving people brandy right at the door when people were coming in.

Missionaries scattered all over the world, particularly in the 1800s bringing with them 2 things, a bible and jugs of wine from monasteries (Some of whom were also funded by the monasteries mentioned). Mexico, Australia, India, South Africa, United States and many other places cannibalism wasn’t just common place, it was also a religious ceremony. Yet these places are christian and civilized now because missionaries used wine to gain favor with the natives. Otherwise they would have eaten them before they even had the chance to say “Jesus”.

Today cannibalism is extremely rare in the world because of those brave missionaries venturing into the remotest and most dangerous parts of the world.

If we were to judge wine by its fruit I’d say it certainly has its place with God rather Satan.

The fruits of those who ban wine

Christianity carries many contrasts with Islam. Most notable is Muslims live a very legalistic and restrictive life. There is a law and guideline for everything banning any kind of pleasure or joy other then praying to Allah under strict circumstances. Alcohol being a severe sin in Islam, it’s a perfect example of a religion that bans drinking.

I wrote an article on Saint Vladimir’s conversion to Christianity. (Saint Vladimir was a king in early Ukraine) The story came directly from how it was recorded in the kings chronicle 1000 years ago. If you havnt read it, it’s particularly relevant here: click here to be redirected to it.

In summary: Vladamir was unsatisfied with the Viking gods of his people and his kingdom. He sent envoys across all the known world as far as china in search of the perfect religion.

Vladimir’s envoys (aka spies) found Islamic nations people to be without any gladness. They were dirty and argumentative, rude to each other and nastier to strangers. They lived in filthy homes and disgusting cities bearing foul smells everywhere. There was a strict restriction on many things, especially wine. They didn’t have anything good to say about Muslims 1000 years ago, yet it appears thing’s haven’t changed much. In king Vladimir’s own words he told the envoys returning from Baghdad:

“Drinking is the joy of all Rus!! We cannot exist without that pleasure.”

When the envoys came back from Byzantium (Greece) they marveled at the fruits of the christian faith. There was beauty and splendor everywhere. People were so friendly they gladly invited strangers into their homes. People took baths and kept the city clean and beautiful. Prosperity and Wine was plentiful, which in Vladimir’s case that’s all he needed to hear!

Vladimir became christian after comparing religions wisely. He understood the best way to judge a religion was to judge the people of that religion. It was because of this king, all of Europe north of the Alps became christian in the first place.

The Definition of Chaos

A world without wine looks like Muslim terrorists, barbaric vikings, cannibalistic natives, hypocrites and Pharisees, lies and distorted facts, The Mafia and so much more that’s void of Jesus. Yet I am asked to believe because maybe less than 1% of people who drink become alcoholics it’s the “Devils Drink”….


Excuse me while I pour a glass and make a toast to Jesus!!


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