“Far-Right” is a relative word

There is an enormous difference between the ‘far right’ in Europe and the ‘far right’ in America. In fact what Americans call ‘moderate republican’ is actually so far right of Adolf Hitler, it may actually scare people accross the pond. (Well in a way).

The political spectrum of right and left, are really very useless on global scale. It can only work on a localized level for comparative purposes. Different countries with a different set of politics will always have completely different interests and needs and altogether different approaches.

Let’s compare Adolph Hitler to say an American republican president just on their core message and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Adolf Hitler (possibly the most far right man in europe)

-Supported nationalism
-Hated Jews
-Hated Communist and Marxist socialist
-Supported Gun control
-Supported government mandating private sector employers to hire unemployed workers
-supported environmentalism
– hated religion
-lower taxes, increase spending
-increase military intelligence
-pro abortion
-fix Germany by decrease in personal freedom
-capitalism must be regulated by the state along with a central inflation control office

Ronald Reagan (generally considered far right president in america)

-supported nationalism
-Stand with Israel and the American Jewish community
-Hated communist, detested all forms of socialism
– Strongly supported the right to bear arms
– encouraged small government and less regulations on business
– considered environmentalism relatively a non issue
-was very devoted to Christianity
– lower taxes, lower spending
-increase military intelligence
-discouraged abortion
-fix America by extending freedoms around the world, especially Germany
– free market capitalism is necessary to maintain freedom. It must not have any government control what so ever nor any government interference, even during times of inflation

As you see just on the highlights Hitler and Regan have about 4 things in common that is: Nationalism, distaste for Karl Marx, lowering taxes, and increasing military intelligence.

Most of Hitlers ideals in America are actually considered far left by our standards. If Hitler called himself a ‘republican’ in America he would get virtually no approval within his own party just on his stance with gun control, never mind the rest of it.

So today we see a rise of “Far-Right” politicians in Europe and Groups like PEGIDA, EDL, etc. The only thing they have in common with American republicans is national pride and the interest of safety from radical Muslim extremest. Across the board they still support big government involvement, apathy/trust in their government, and all the other things that comes with socialism. In many respects they are much further left then Hitler. Yet it is very noticeable European media outlets insist these people are “far right” to an American audience as well as their own audience. They are only far right by Europe’s standards, Infact they are quite in line with American occupy wall street supporters…. (if anyone in America is still supporting the occupy movement that is).

With all that said I just thought someone needs to say this. ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ are a silly way to categorize politicians and people, especially across borders. The only thing left and right is good for on a global level is to distinguish capitalism from communism with a very broad and crazy middle area called socialism. Europe and America are just 2 different people politically speaking. Truely fitting an American plug into a European electrical socket is a metaphor for this argument.


2 thoughts on ““Far-Right” is a relative word”

  1. I will have to read that book some time , it sounds very interesting. Indeed you don’t have to look very far to see Hitler would have been a Democrat in another country in another time.


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