Why Youtube Has so Many Trolls

Like most in this internet world I like watching YouTube now and then. Also like most in this internet world- I’ve learned to never leave a comment. YouTube is by far not just a collection of videos, it’s comment sections document all the worlds trolls. No matter what you say, no matter what the video is, you are bound to find yourself in a argument with a moron. This is by far the worst kind of argument, there’s no such thing as rhyme or reason with an idiot.
britney-spears-william-orbitJust today I was watching the music video by Britney Spears “Oops I Did it Again”. (Yes I am a Britney Spears fan) Well I made the mistake of scrolling down to the comments, where sure enough someone said something so stupid and unrelated:

“All of you do know mars is fictitious and if anything its flat like earth. Britney is Illuminati and advertising the false round earth in this video”

Oops I did it again Video takes place on Mars
“Oops I did it again Video” takes place on Mars
Really, did he just say that, is it or is it not 2015? They actually allow people like this on the internet – a place where they can google ANYTHING in the world and were still discussing flat earth.  (among other things)

So there I was, Confronted, with this level of stupidity I replied:

“Why dont you google NASA photos of Earth from space”
Is that not a perfectly rational suggestion? Well he didn’t think so. In fact, I found my self going back and forth with all the evidence the Earth is Round like a ball listening to all the nonsense, and obviously faulty evidence, he had to support the fact the earth is flat. What is worse, 6 other people jumped in arguing with me and 3 other people were on my side about all this. After 2 hours of entertaining this exhaustive argument I just said:
“I really have better things to do with my day then argue with a retarded conspiracy theorist”
I muted the whole conversation, and went about packing for my vacation to Cape Cod, which begins tomorrow. So yeah I do have better things to do and he is retarded.
Isn’t it sad 3 people were up against 6 defending the round Earth theory? I mean think about what that says about humanity’s intelligence on YouTube. In a world where all of human knowledge can be found simply by typing in a little search bar. Just take a second with that sentence, and let that sink in.