Kim Davis

wpid-anne-frank.jpg.jpegOn Kim Davis, I’m seriously fed up with the argument “she’s in jail because she broke the law”. Not only is that seriously weak it’s mentally ill.No I don’t agree with Kim Davis views as a christian. However I strongly disagree that the supreme court ruling is a ‘law’. Even more, anyone who says the above quote needs to tell Anne Frank she deserved going to the concentration camp, they need to tell Rosa Parks she needed to be arrested, and they need to tell Thomas Jefferson he should shut his mouth when he says:


Frankly I disagree with the whole mess…. and biblicaly speaking, can anyone show me one sentence in the bible where it says something to the effect: “The government is the authority to marry people by means of a marriage license, God will not marry anyone until licenses will be invented by the catholic church 1200 years after Christ’s death” .

So there’s my 2 cents. The whole thing is hypocrisy and godless, and so is all parties involved.

Do you want to know what the real story is about with the county clerk not issuing marriage licenses? The headline shouldn’t be “gay marriage” it should be “watch Liberal hypocrisy collide with christian hypocrisy”. Did you know marriage licenses were never supposed to be in America in the first place? The reason is- it’s none of the government’s business. Part of the reason the protestant reformation started, who’s ideas founded this country, was over the force of marriage licenses. The catholic church and state would not recognize a marriage unless they were issued a license. German, Martin Luther talked about marriage license: “the state and church turning gods flock into a harvest for their own profit”. – ‘on the Babylonian Captivity of the Church’ (chapter 5) 1520.

Marriage license themselves were lobbied into our government in the early 20th century by just such southern christians as Kim Davis whom claim to be protestant. They promoted Statism.- ironically they were Democrats at the time. So what you see is this country has left it’s values a LONG time ago- and it’s made its nest, now we must live in it.


2 thoughts on “Kim Davis”

  1. There is a lot of wisdom in what you post.
    The blog name is intriguing – are you from the U.S.A or another country ?

    I would check spelling and edit a little more (not this post, but others I was reading from the past – spelling, grammar, etc.) This is a friendly suggestion – content is great.

    Thanks for visiting my blog too.


    1. I’m American…. Believe it or not this was supposed to be an aquarium blog when I started. The Holy spirit had other plans though and I sorta went along with it :-p sure thanks for visiting, I like your poetry 😀


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