A Letter to Martin Luther

Dear Martin Luther,

By the time this letter is written you have long since died, However I just wanted to say some things to you anyway. Thank you so much for your sharing your ideals. You do not know just how important you were. You fought against something in my time known as statism, you promoted a smaller church and gave birth to the ideas of smaller government. You played no sides with any extremes of satan- church or rebel or otherwise. Through no sway, you held firm to christs word and fought hard to teach it for what it is and how things are supposed to work. For this the whole world vastly changed, and owes you a great debt.

As you have observed in the Bible and history- liberty does not last long. People always revert back to the belief some authority other then god is necessary. If you knew that your ideas would influence a nation called America, you would see how that works just as I have. Nothing is more dangerous when people naturally think of solutions to their problems is to call on lawyers instead of resolving matters among themselves. Nothing is more dangerous when the very people who claim ‘Jesus this or that’, pervert him in every way by misplacing him in the bureaucracy of the authority. Then the mentality then becomes for them, ‘the authority is the same as god’, and the idea of it is so natural they cant even fathom something else- which is everything in Christs message.

I am ashamed to say most Christians reading this will never understand half of what I say. They do not understand how simple ‘liberty’ is supposed to look like, but I’m certain you do. Its a sad day when self proclaimed anarchist understand the concept better then christs flock. Whom of which i’m sure would make your blood boil just as much as the state the world is in.

How did you keep your sanity in a world turned upside down? There are things I read about you and feel in much the same position. It is frustrating being in a world with people who completely miss the point of the most basic of message. How all the worlds problems could easily be solved simply by following christ’s word by the letter and through their hearts, not by law. Yet here i sit, 500 years after your gone and watch every day the same elements of your struggle due to complete ignorance of the masses. What is worse, in my time everyone (even the poorest of people) have atleast a basic education and they have something called the internet. They are free to look up anything in the world they want and are fully capable of reading, and yet they choose to remain so ignorant. Would you believe such a society is not unlike the ill educated peasant class of your time?  If it were not just as bad as that, the churches founded on your protestant movement, learned pastors and devout followers, are the just as guilty ones who miss the point entirely. Most of them dont even know who you are or what you had to say or even why there is such a thing as “The Lutheran Church”. They don’t even know they’re called protestant, much less the reasons for their own denominations like Baptist, Methodist, Calvinist, Pentecoastal, etc…. In their mind they think its about different religions. What grieves me more is I can’t even mention your name without spelling out there was a guy named after you, whom is also very admirable and coincidentally underwent a similar struggle as you.  (I have a feeling you have met him in heaven already though)

Martin Luther I look forward to seeing you in heaven- I think we will be good friends, Though i am not Lutheran, we seem to think exactly alike.


Angel Fish


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