The Rich and the Poor

I was watching Donald Trumps press conference and it had me think about something. He hit a nail, People think being rich automatically says he is a jerk. Admittedly That was my first reaction when he began running- I am a republican, but the idea of electing a filthy rich spoiled brat as a president leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Then I think of people poorer then me.While I was at truck school I was at first hesitant to tell people I am a private investor. In fact I’m always hesitant to tell people that. The reason is there is a misconception that goes along with it. Really its not what most people think. At truck  school they asked me in front of 6 people what my current job was when I chocked- knowing the minute I opened my mouth, suddenly people had me pegged as Donald Trump. Asking me if I had a job for them, Asking for lunch money. Making fun of me because I went on Fox hunts, and I grew up in boarding school. Telling me I’m a spoiled snot, and truck school is not a country club, there’s no tea time here.

Well part of the class was to put together a resume and fill out job applications. Of course at that point everyone was up in my history..

Well I’m glad to say this white collar guy proved them a thing or 2, and I hate tea as much as I hate country clubs btw.. So I might have been on a horseback fox hunting game once or twice, but I cant say I ever owned a horse. It was a rental for $145 anyone can afford to do it, it wasnt really special. (Im sorry I’ll just try anything at least a few times, thats just me 😀 ) Im glad to prove I can change a semi truck oil all by myself without a manual, and im not afraid to get my hands dirty! AND I can drive circles around them in a BIG RIG!! Just representing a middle class investor’s capabilities (we tend to have many skills).

None of this I really took to heart but I realized these were people not as blessed as me. Well because they are not as blessed as me, they saw in me some kind of image they had imagined about what an investor is. To them I was, well…. Donald Trump. So then I look at Trump, personally I always liked him. Ive been a follower of him on facebook for YEARS. He has very good business insights, and hes a smart man, he used to do little quotes and write thoughts on various things- much like a blogger. He used to do his own Facebook page exclusively, I’m fairly sure its still true now that hes running for president. (Just from what I know of his writing style, it seems to still be so- but there’s a noticeable difference- hes less personal now on facebook, more selective of what he posts). The media portrays him as a hard ass, but of a truth he really isn’t. Anyone who’s watched “The Apprentice” can see he always just tried to be fair with people- meanwhile the advertisement had him look like “The Evil Boss”.

I knew a few very wealthy people, they all had one thing in common. They were people like anyone else. The American wealthy are not the dainty Victorian snots we have seen on the movie ‘Titanic’ (they never have been, theres a huge difference between American and European wealthy). Infact they tend to look down on such people as much as any middle class or poor person would. What is different between rich and poor is a barrier. Rich people learn quick not to trust too many people- because their always begging them for money, and theres always an agenda with ‘friendship’. More then that it is also the barrier poor people put up. Poor people make fun of rich people all the time, sometimes it can be downright cruel. There is such a thing as ‘Disconnection’- that is the rich don’t really understand the wants and needs of the poor, and the poor don’t understand the wants and needs of the rich. Even though they have the exact same wants and needs as each other. Often they are at odds with each other whenever put together.

Have you ever notice celebrates sometimes complain about being famous, but seem to carry on like nothing is wrong? Well there is, its a double standard. If they complain about being famous people are like ‘bo ho poor you’ yet at the same time in their mind their just like anyone else. There is a saying ‘You wouldn’t understand the pressure of being rich and famous’ about half of that saying includes the stigma the poor put on rich/famous people. Only to the poor does that saying come off as them trying to be a snot, in truth it’s not really meant that way.

As for me I’m glad to just be middle class me. Were the class that’s the brains behind every operation! Poor people wouldn’t have a job if not for us, and rich people wouldn’t have people capable of doing anything if not for us, And the IRS wouldn’t have anyone to tax if not for us.


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