The pagan personality

Household Scribe

So this next portion is titled Balaq (Numbers 22:2-25:9). And the thing that stood out to me to write about, was the insight which people like Balaam and Balak give us into how a pagan thinks.

It’s a subject that interests me a lot because I used to be one, myself. Reading about Balaam and Balak reminds me of what it’s like to look at God through a non-believer’s lens, and even though I don’t believe in plumbing the depths of how such people think, I do think it’s instructive, at the same time, to consider the outlines of it in comparison with the actual truth. Learning the difference between Biblical and pagan thinking has served to help me develop my discernment, and a much fuller sense of the big picture when it comes to spiritual truth over the years, and this is something that Scripture actually allows and enables us to do.

For example:…

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