To whom do I owe my Salvation

I could say Jesus and that’s enough, but no it isnt. There were followers of Jesus whom I owe my sincere gratitude for opening my eyes to Jesus.First I would like to thank the athiests. You see, before I was a Christian you people showed me how hypocritical you are. Vile and cold hearted creatures whom professed ‘care and concern’ for people. In virtually every field of science I’ve found athiests among the greatest hypocrites I ever met. And it was a group of athiests who called me Christian as I called them out on it, and that group of athiests made me realize maybe I should look into Christianity. So thank you athiests, for your hypocrisy and vile debates and wicked accusations, easy to see through lies and just being yourself.

I would like to thank Mark Farley of the Fuel Project. Because of you I learned to read the bible, I learned how to understand it, and you encouraged me to take the first step in becoming Christian through your videos.

I would like to thank Ron Paul. Your a nut but your a smart nut and I still like you and I’d still vote for you. But you taught me I need to forget everything I was taught in school about America. Ignore the deceitful political agendas and look at history the way it was and how things should be. Your not only a patriot but a teacher. You taught me how to study history and look into things. In a way you taught me the meaning of “God Bless America”

I would like to thank A Christmas Child your blog inspired me to write and here I am a year later. You didn’t say anything in particular, but you didn’t have to. You ooened the door to wordpress and i was ready to hit the ground running. I swear each article I write and feel a spirit move through me a little voice in the back of my head says “thank you stranger”. You always have a place at Angel Fish Blog known as The International Woman of Mystery!!
Im proud to support her blog site:

There’s a lady in Australia I’d like to thank for nudging me into things and challenging my perspective on the bible. And encouraging me to think differently about various things. Never reading the bible from preconceived notions, or hearing the word while making assumptions. I learned to read first then think, not think then read. More importantly don’t let others do my thinking for me in bible study.

I’d like to thank Buffalo ny, because I like Buffalonians. Your all weird people you just don’t know it- but your my kind of weird! It’s called the city of Good Neighbors for a reason- just don’t let the word get out too far.

Thank you Israel!! You didn’t just give me Jesus but you also proved me he is still working today. Inadvertently you showed Israel is Gods country in a convoluted way, I don’t quite know how to explain – but You did it anyway. Proof god is real in a multi facade way. Like a cut diamond in the rough.

Martin Luther Nailing his 95 Theses on the door of the Schloss Kirche in Wittenburg, Sparking the Reformation.

Protestant reformers, particularly German Reformers. Du sprechen sie Deutsch, ich auf sprechen Und leben Deutschland! weisen Worte von starken Männer macht einen wahren Helden!! Gott sangen Deutschland für ihr propheten!
There are many Protestant reformers but Martin Luther was the first man with the nerve enough to publicly declare the church a heresy, and nail its eviction letter on the door of the Catholic Church!! Least we forget the man who started it all, so we may have a bible to read in our own language! Moreover, this man understood the bible and wrote great works Christians today would find an incredible theological study. You’ve heard of Moses and Isaiah they are the Jewish prophets. I say the reformers are the Christian prophets!

Last of all these is God. Too easy I know, but really God thank you for sending me such a colorful mix of people. You knew what to do to get my attention, you knew who to send my way, and you knew the convoluted recipe that would bring me to you. I’m proud and happy to be your sons servant. I just wanna say thanks 😀

I think I want to cry now so lets cut this short. Without a doubt I would not be saved if not for this mix.


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