How to pray

I relize I never addressed this before, and never thought there were people who struggled with it. Maybe it just comes natural to some like myself and so we assume it’s no big deal for others. Well I should think it’s natural to anyone, people just forgot to do it enough, then it ‘feels’ unnatural to them.

God just wants you to touch base with him. He wants you to chat with him like you would a friend. It’s about a relationship.

You don’t necessarily have to get on your knees and hold your hands together. You could just chat with him in your head lying under your blanket before you go to sleep. You can do it on a roller coaster swinging your hands in the air shouting “God this is GREAT!!!”. Maybe your walking your dog in the park, maybe your cleaning your house, maybe your on a bike ride- what ever your situation is….

God is bigger then the Space Time Continuum, Hes Above the Space Time Continuum, he created the Space Time Continuum. Your the only one whos actually bound to the Space Time Continuum

See what you have here is a best friend who is the omnipresent, creator of all things, willing to chat with you at any time, anywhere- as candidly or formally as your willing to talk to him. Go ahead, find a place he doesn’t exist or look for his break time- there’s no such thing as here and not there for an omnipresent person. There is no such thing as “break time” either. Time doesn’t exist to him and I’ve been told neither does space, (that’s just physics).

What kinds of things can I pray about?

I think its best I speak from experience with this. When I pray I tell him things that happen in my day, I ask blessings on my garden or a person or a pet, I thank him for something, I talk about the news or weather, ask him how he’s doing, tell him my secretes, tell him what I like or don’t like. I have actually shoped on amazon while praying to god just as I would if I were with a friend just window browsing a catalog. There’s no barrier other then the one you make up in your own head.

Ask yourself Is this a picture of jesus following a guy, or is this a picture of 2 friends walking on the beach?
Ask yourself, Is this a emotional, inspirational picture of Jesus walking with a guy struggling with tough life challenges or emotions, or is this a picture of 2 friends simply walking on the beach? Its an excersize in challenging your perspective.

So its like a Conversation with myself

It might start off that way, perhaps… I can see where you would get that – but no not really.

When you pray, I swear you feel him talking back. (I have written an article on this before, I’ll share a link below). I can summarize it by saying there’s definitely a reciprocal conversation perhaps your just not fine tuned yet to notice.  You could practice this fine tuning just by asking lots and lots of questions, sit back a second after each one and wait for a response. It may be a voice it may be a feeling. Who knows maybe you’ll find yourself online shopping with god just like me, and then you’ll understand why I do it. (He’s fun to window shop with).

I know for a fact when you pray and ask god questions or just chatting he’s pretty good at giving a response. It’s either a voice or a feeling- you’ll know it when you get there. I think you can think of it as just a ‘different’ type of conversation then your normally used to.

For more information here’s an article I wrote on the matter. A little voice told me.

How often should I pray?

How often do you go out with your friends? How often do you hang out at the mall? How long are you on Facebook likeing everything and chatting with people? That’s up to you, but I recommend praying as often as you can. Jesus recommends to pray without ceaseing.

Again you have a BFF who is an omnipresent being who created everything- willing to talk to you!! Day or night, no matter what or where. Do you think such a being, is not interesting enough to take 10 mins out of your day to chat with?
(I feel my Italian grandmother coming out on this one, so I’ll stop there)


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