God did it

Often people think creationist only have 1 simple answer to all scientific questions “God did it”. They assume somehow that’s enough evidence for Christians and so the matter is closed. Nothing is ventured, nothing is gained- just 3 words close the whole matter of what ever it is.

That might be true for some Christians, however among creationists truly it’s not enough. You need to have something a little better then “God did it” before their actually satisfied.

They want facts. They want ALL the evidence, they want what critics say, they want what history says, they want what the Bible says, they want a detailed analysis aside more then I believe secularist would expect. The mark of a true creationist is a person who asks thousands of questions. When they have their answers, his guns are fully loaded against secular evolution- and they don’t play on “scientific loopholes” or “technicalities”. They kick secularism in the…. well, atheist should wear an intellectual sports cup before coming at these types.image

Nearly a year ago I wrote an article on Jellyfish. For some reason I thought about it today, and looked over it. It was kind of sloppy and I realized I left a lot out- though all things considered I still like it and feel it carries my point well enough for what I was trying to say at the time. (I may clean it up some time soon, really I was just trying to collect my thoughts on the matter by writing it out). I don’t claim to be an expert in creation science, or any science, but when I wrote that article I was waking up to something. Since that article I have met so many creationist, in so many fields- ranging in intelligence, faith, Academic credentials. From the average every day person, to college professors at Princeton university, truck drivers and office managers, teachers, lawyers, doctors.  Americans, Germans, Malaysians, Chinese, Nigerians, former Isis members- I have even found myself in a conversation with the lady who owns the take out Indian Restaurant up the street, about her beliefs in the science of Genesis (and she was the one who brought up the topic, I was just waiting for food)… Ive been on an amazing ride with this thing creationism, with amazingly unexpected people. The evidence is, its spreading. (Praise be to Jesus for this!!! The holy spirit is Moving!!) Amusingly secularist don’t seem to think it’s a threat to them.

But why is it spreading?

A great deal has to do with the internet, and people’s natural curiosity in science. Sure many of us creationist started googleing as secularists or agnostic or something to the effect. (The story is always the same). We googled everything that caught our interest in science. Then we learned to become a little skeptical of somethings. We cracked open every little detail on certain topics. At some point we fell back in our seat in awe that the very foundation of this or that is a blatent lie. We found there’s some holes in conventional science that is just inexcusable according to a scientific model. Then we back tracked and looked at how scientists arrived at certain conclusions, when we notice how they discuss their scientific “discovery”. As if seeing it with a whole new lense. We noticed the ‘convenient filler’, we spot the way the finer details are completely swept under the rug. Knowing, for ourselves, those details and facts collapse the entire thing- yet these “scientist” and other “scientist” talk about it as if it doesn’t matter.
At this stage we begin to realize science has created a massive house of cards, and tried reinforcing it with more cards!!!


In a convoluted series of events we hear something surprisingly intelligent from a Creationist. Something unexpected, and it isn’t so simple minded as “God did it”…. Rather answers the process in which proves “God did it”. There may be some holes here or there, but nothing as serious as in the alternative.

It’s always a different field or topic that makes a Creationist believe in creationism. It can be the a normal thing, the dullest thing to the flat out weird and scary. I’ve met many creationist who told me their initial spark was things like: Aliens, psychology, physics, history, biology, cosmology, steam cells, the South African Meerkat, Vampires, Dogs, Mars, electronics, Quantum Mechanics, Gardening…… While the list is endless it’s good to know their may only be one narrow road to heaven, there’s certainly many roads to Christ Jesus.

For me it was jellyfish, I realized  jellyfish are far too sensitive to survive the earth’s history, in which has been described to me since elementary  school. I also realized scientist can’t even touch the subject, so they ignore it altogether. I realized the only reason there is this convoluted theory of catastrophic global changes and hundreds of millions of years, is based entirely on the pursuit to prove an invented lie to begin with. And this lie was invented solely to rebel against christian thought 200+ years ago.

I have news for some people, Christians do not think that way anymore. I have found the body of Christ today is vastly different then tea parties with polite society, long boring sermons, bible school and church lady gossip…. a secularist might say Christians evolved ( :-p ) yet all were doing is simply reading the Bible in a new light of understanding.- ironically, in part, thanks to Google.

A New Renaissance


In Florence Italy observational science was born, based on the christian humanist belief: “man is capable of discovering gods mysteries, but man can never replace god himself”. As Florence grew in prosperity it produced medicine, art, science and inventions. These ideas and discoveries were shared around Europe, and the Renaissance became a golden era of peace, intellectualism, and prosperity.

It ended when the catholic church tightened it’s grip on the kings of Europe and masses at large, twisting both the bible and science to suit their purposes. People like Galileo were executed as heretics of both the state and the church. As he stood by his theory the earth is round he stood by his faith in Christ aswell. Sadly he did not have a copy of the bible so he could read verses to the church at his trial (Isaiah 40:22, Job 26:10- though I doubt it would have helped him anyway, the church was loaded with heretics looking for a reason to kill someone)

Nearly 500 years would pass after this golden era, and Christians were constantly led to believe science and religion can wpid-attachment.jpgnot go together. Both the church and atheists, lead us astray with the idea “what do you believe facts or faith, you can not have both”. Today we find ourselves learning most of these so called “facts” are based on blind sighted faith in made up theories. Almost a whole new religion called secular humanism.

Thats Ancient History, Been There Done That

We fought secular humanism before in ancient Greece. Truly, it is an old enemy. We didn’t pick up a sword, we didn’t slaughter off philosophers. Instead we waited. We treated the sick, we showed compassion for strangers, we told people about gods word even as those same strangers  executed us for public sport. We waited 400 years and stuck to our message, until people figured out what we already knew.


When people began to question our message and took us seriously, they began questioning the so called “truths” of their own philosophers and mystics and kings. You see, just like science today, those same people built their ideas out of a deck of cards. One lie piled on top another, and another, and another until it was so obvious they were wrong right from the start. More so this is all documented by the very philosophers and emperors who were slaughtering Christians at the time. We can actually see a distinct period in ancient Greece and Rome where everyone, rich and poor, free and slave, are discussing Jesus with intrigue and all seriousness. Though they were not readily converting, they knew there was a truth they couldn’t entirely see.

I am confident that time will rise again, and if not we as Christians know what Gods plan is for us and the world. I’m perfectly willing to go to an Atheists Colosseum for my faith in

I think many Christians would find the movie ‘The Runningman’ particularly interesting in regards to revelation prophecy.

Christ and my Father who created all things. The one who reveals mysteries so beautiful and true they speak for themselves- GIVEN freely to anyone who asks as many questions as they can think of.

I would also add it’s only the wickedest of people (such as the Mafia, Joseph Stalin, Emperor Nero) who punish people for asking too many questions. Some put barriers on people by telling them things like “don’t have so many doubts with all these questions”. It is because questions are how a person learns things, and learns to think for themselves. The entire history of the world proves this simple fact- If you really want to know the truth, start asking questions. It’s only when you arrive to the wrong questions to the wrong people, you realize who your real friends are.

(Yes questions can get your legs broken and body dumped in a river, that’s how intimidating a curious person can be. DO IT ANYWAY!)


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