Pope Francis, a victim of the media

I would like to make it clear from the start, Angelfish blog is in no way supportive of catholicism. I’m not affiliated with the church, nor recommend the catholic church to anyone. However this pope has been such a target for liberal propaganda, it downright sickens me every time I see his name in a headline- because I’ve seen the media stuff ungodly and heretical words in his mouth since he took office…. (took office? What ever it’s called… when he started being pope).

Honestly I almost wish he would stop talking to the press because no matter what he says, the spin doctors are already cut copying and pasting over a whole different thing. Worse so, after about 3 weeks when the media blows a lie way out of proportion, and everyone forgot about it, there is usually a quiet background headline saying:

“It’s the responsibility of this news company to correct the error on a recent article called “the pope said xyz”. The pope actual said….”

NOT GOOD ENOUGH MSNBC, BBC, FOX, THE GAURDIAN, New York Times, Huffington post, AND THE REST OF YOU!!! it is your responsibility to report the truth and double check before releasing nonsense to the public in the first place. Once is a mistake, twice maybe- over 18 times in a row is deliberate!

In truth I’m not really just talking about the pope in this, I’m talking about a lot of things. Remember the Ebola crisis? How about the George Zimmerman case? Bruce Jenner? Yeah I’m talking about the media’s complete lack of ethics or concern for reputable journalism. I no longer trust anything the media has to say. (Not in a Alex Jones type way, hes just as bad as the rest of them).

But for now let’s just look at the pope, because he is the most overused, over twisted, sentionalist eye candy of modern journalism.

“The pope says Homosexuals and other religions go to heaven.”

Here was a popular headline a while back that had Christians across the world officially declaring pope Frances the Antichrist. The problem is he didn’t say that parsé. What he really said, and I think protestants would generally agree with him:

“It doesn’t matter what religion you are, or even if your homosexual- anyone can come to christ and have eternal life in heaven. No matter what your sins are. It doesn’t matter if you become catholic or some denomination of protestant, just accept christ.”

See the difference between the truth and what were told? Suddenly Pope Francis is not so much the antichrist afterall.

My favorite spin was:
“Pope Francis says athiest go to heaven – you don’t have to believe in god”

Listen if you believe the pope would ever say that you have been dooped. Yet we see some athiest in the world of journalism has something on his/her concise- this is an example of a psychological term called ‘projection’, it’s part of ‘Displacement’. Stalin had this case in his propaganda campaigns
… but anyway, pope Francis actually said:

“The Lord has redeemed all of us, all of us, with the Blood of Christ: all of us, not just Catholics. Everyone! ‘Father, the atheists?’ Even the atheists.”

“Redeemed” as a term is not the same term as “Salvation” parsè. Redeemed (in it’s context) means to offer salvation. He’s saying athiest can become saved by christ if they accept him. The offer is still there on the table for them. Again I think protestants would agree with this statement.

There’s other things such as “Income Inequality”, “Nation of Palestine”, “Equality”, “Dali Lama is a great Leader”, and much more the media has twisted the Popes words on. Truthfully when I hear what the pope actually says I often agree with him on many such topics. I very much agree with him on capitalism, and i was surprised to learn he earnistly advacates capitalism. (The media had me believe he was a communist, he’s actually referring to ‘crony capitalism’ in all his speeches). Though I reject the catholic church entirely, i think we can trust Pope Francis is not the antichrist or a heretic.

Stop listening to the media, it’s nothing but lies, and Satan’s playground for deception. Until the news becomes more honest, and less about creating Hypes, there is nothing to be gained by listening to them. I don’t care if they say:

“A meteorite will hit earth tomorrow at 6am NASA confirms, it will wipe out all humanity”

Listen beloved, if you are christian Jesus has given you eternal life, and opened the door to heaven for you. What’s a meteorite really going to do to you?

Besides how often have we seen similar headlines in times past…. Yet here we are. Even after December 21, 2012. 😛

(please don’t tell me your memory is so short to forget that big 20 year long what to do. Yet I’m amazed some people still actually believe it.)


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