What Gay Marriage and the Confederate Flag have in common

For the past 3 days or so I’ve seen nothing but the confederate flag and the pride flag all over facebook. Admittedly I am a little exhausted with the subject so I’ll make this brief. And yes I’m probably pissing all types of people off by the time I’m done.

The reasons (as they are presented):

Confederate Flag


People want the federal government to force southern states to remove the Confederate flag.

Gay Marriage


The supreme court declares Gay marriage is constitutional.

Seemingly 2 different things, in truth they are the same thing. It’s called “Statism”.

What ever your opinion is on either topic frankly I don’t care. The federal government has no right to tell the states what they can and can not do. Niether does the federal government have right to tell the church what they can and can’t do. Neither of these topics has any place with the federal government to begin with yet here we are.

I am convinced Americans don’t understand their own government, so perhaps I’m waisting my breathe. This ignorance of the law is the very reason both these topics are even brought up. Though I’m sure confederate flag supporters already have an idea where I’m going with this article.

Let’s start with Gay Marriage

I'm just going to put this here.

“Marriage” is not a constitutional right parsé. In America you are only allowed to get married via the constitution under the First Amendment (freedom of religion). The government has no authority to dictate to the church- or any religious facility- what they believe teach, or practice. This includes wedding ceremonies.

Some churches are ok with gay marriage, others are not. However the federal government knows full well they can not make churches do gay wedding ceremonies because of their constitutional right to believe and practice whatever.

Lobbyist groups on this issue do what they do best, look and exploit legal loop holes- even at the expense of burning the constitution. This is half the reason why gay marriage has been such a hard struggle.

The other half of the Gay marriage is seperation of church and state. If Gay marriage were legal on a federal level, then the federal government must next dictate doctrine to churches. So now we have to throw away 2 amendments to the Constitution- because they are basically worthless.

It is because these 2 amendments it was decided Gay Marriage was a state issue, not a federal issue in the first place. Though I do support gay marriage I only support it within the church, not the government  forcing it on churchs. It is the responsibility of the Gay community to change the hearts of the church for the reasons stated above- the good news for that is many churches already have accepted gay marriage. This allows whats called “Personal Freedom”.

Now The Confederate Flag

States Rights makes up half the constitution. Yes North Carolina has a confederate flag on their capital buildings. Ironically it is a symbol of states rights to the south during the civil war. While nothing official has come about this issue from the federal government, the fact is it shouldn’t even be brought up to the federal government. It’s a state issue. As such it should be brought up to those states who have the flag on state property.

While I agree the states can do what they want.. (I don’t vote in those states so it’s really a non issue to me). I will say I find it silly the confederate flag is even still waving around on a flag pole. I understand heritage, I understand being against Statism, and I get its not about slavery, racism, northern aggression and the rest of it. The fact is the south is not separate from the union and the war was lost. I prefer the American flag, but like I said it’s not my voting district so to each their own.

Considering states rights makes up much of the Constitution, why not just toss out the whole thing?

You don’t require the right to believe what you want to believe- the federal government and lobbyist will decide for you what you believe. Let the government search your house without a warrant, The Police should be allowed to strip search you on the street any time they feel like. Certainly people like Edward Snowden are terrorists for speaking out about NSA data collection on every citizen- the man should be flogged daily in a prision. Certainly only military, police and criminals should have guns, everyday people don’t have rights anyway…

The Fruit of Ignorance is Lawlessness 

Why don’t we just do this, anyone ever seen the movie “Equalibrium”. You and your emotions are irrelevant. Freedom is irrelevant. We are all property of the state and required to take drugs so we don’t think for ourselves. All of American society thinks in one mind and speaks with one voice- and all is issued to us by the state. You will not get married, you will reproduce with a person via sperm and egg donation, matched together by government genetic engineering. All babies will be born in a test tube and raised by the state, as property of the state, each issued a unique  barcode. Fun is illegal, Color is illegal, everything is cement grey and barb wire- everyone works like robots around the clock…. except the police and secrete police- they have all the guns and keep a tight grip on every square inch of society. Why don’t ‘We the People’ make America become like soviet Russia on steroids.



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