Spiritual Lense- the need for me

One thing about Christians, when we have our spiritual lense on we get pissy and go into a kind of dark place. Some of what we say sounds like downright conspiracy, I don’t blame people for thinking were crazy sometimes.

You know that moment I’m talking about, you see something so disgusting, nasty and ungodly you just can’t hold it in- all your anger comes out like a judgemental raving lunatic. Indeed I know you don’t like being like that, you don’t want to be that kind of person and you just hate feeling that way… but you just can’t help it your filled with a righteous anger. There is good news, your not a lunatic I promise 😀

Your wearing your glasses, you took gods red pill and looking at the matrix, the goggles are on and your swimming in the ocean with sharks and people who call them dolphins. Your looking through what I’m calling a “Spiritual Lense”.

Your looking at the world in all its ungodly forces and just don’t know how to beat it in people’s heads they need to stop X,Y, or Z and they need to get with A, B, and C program. It’s called the gift of discernment, and yes it will make you want to bop a few people’s heads.

The truth is once you have this lense you can’t really get rid of it. Tone it down   perhaps. Admittedly I myself have struggled to take my glasses off- I have to watch something nice or play a video game to distract me. Well… I mean once I was watching Dora the Explorer with my dogs thinking: “ok, a kids show how can this go wrong. I’m just going to relax, maybe take a nap and stretch out with my coffee and just not think about anything”. U huh that was the plan….

Yet maybe 5 min later I’m looking at this show seeing all the subtle political rhetoric. I yelled at my dog “This show is a soviet style propaganda film for children!!!”

:-O uck >:-( 😦 :-/ >:-(

What’s worse my sister in law said the same thing about Dora the Explorer. So I know I’m not crazy, there are others who see what i just witnessed. These people are brain washing the babies before they even know what “political rhetoric” means! I could go on and on about the soviets and chairman mou propaganda methods. The Cuban missile crises, etc.. “my babies, their dogs, but my babies wont be brain washed with this satanic forces of Marxist… Mmmmm NO WAY!” Click.

But no its time to take it down! It’s just time…. to take it down. :Sigh of relief: “I’m just going to watch I Love Lucy”

Angel Fish knows your dilemma trust me, I’m sure you have plenty to tell me about the screwed up world, and I’ll probably agree with you. There are others, and there are options.

This post is a message of hope. Apathy can be a good thing, I suppose when you realize the world is nuts and your stuck in it- certain things you know just to brush it off for your sake. The other end of this is realizing much of the world is lieing anyway – take comfort in the fact you may have been lied to before and being lied to now in the moment. Since everything is one big lie anyway, except god and heaven, pray Jesus rushes revelation along quickly, so we can go home and loose all this ungodly nonsense we have to deal with every day. As morbid as that sounds it works very well, but there is other solutions. (Yes I have prayed for god to hurry up and open the gates of hell and let the devil take the world. I will admit that)


Read the bible, bake a cake, take up a hobby, go fishing, just shut the world off and do you time…. not including television or internet, that will not help you trust me. The bible can offer so much hope to us with our lenses on, we need it to remember times like these God is in control, he has a plan, and place for us to go. After looking at so much we can just look at gods promises and blessings instead of the worlds filth. (sometimes yes I make it a point to ignore the judgement, prophecies, and wrath of god parts of the bible because I just can’t deal with it right then. I need good news!!). One might be tempted to ask, What could possibly be satanic about baking a cake at home just for yourself?

A lesson in self preservation, we are warriors. Like such we get wounded from what we see and do on the battlefield. There’s nothing wrong with ‘me time’- a time to heal yourself and just be you.


Meet Jack. My Huffy Panama Jack @ Niagara square Buffalo ny

Most of my ‘me time’ doesn’t include tv or the Internet. Infact I can’t stand cable these days- Netflix being another I’m somewhat annoyed with lately. Gardening and bike rides mostly occupy my spare time. Conversation, reading, and cooking are kind of extras.

When your starting to get like that cranky church lady.. it may be time for you to bring it down, and center yourself.

But don’t leave here thinking you need to turn it off. Don’t leave here thinking you should fill up on spiritual candy. I’m just saying take a break and be kind to yourself. You I think you know what I mean, god bless beloved.


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