Hitler Understood Evolution

I don’t really like Adolf Hitler but I don’t think it’s right today, even academics, can say what ever they want about him as long as it makes him sound evil. (Its plain to see why). Today I was reading a speech by Hitler about why Germans are the superior race. I expected all the bigotry that sounds like it would include, yet I was amazed.

Amazed that Hitler understood evolution perfectly. His claim that Germans have been the leaders of Europe for 900 years is self evident Germans are superior. Behind every one of the highest human endeavors there was a German who brought it into the world or made something better that was originally created by a lesser race. Everything from classical composers, medicine, inventions, art, literature, physics, and chemestry, etc. He also says one does not need any further proof then the list of Nobel Peace prize winners under any field to find its an exhaustive list of Germans who dominate it. All the while Hitler speaks he cites Darwin’s theories, a submits hard evidence Germans have obviously evolved higher then the rest of Europe. How can anyone deny this is true when after 70 years of his death it’s still true, Germans are indeed and always been very good at just about everything – and they still dominate every field in Nobel Peace prize awards. How else could one measure the superior evolved race then simply looking at which race has the highest achievements?

Hitler hits the nail on the head for evolutionists, yet I’m certain they would deny it tooth and nail. A subtle reminder the only practical application for the theory of evolution is eugenics. Yet from time to time I’m asked to believe Hitler was a Christian?

I like Germans I think their great people and certainly leaders like Martin Luther are indispensable for the church. However I disagree with Hitler this is an example of Germans being higher “evolved”, rather they are blessed by God with ingenuity. For over 900 years before Hitler Germany has always upheld christ with great respect. Even against catholic influence. Could it be evidence God blesses a culture with ingenuity and creativity when they are a godly people? Behind so many german historic figures they all claim God as their inspiration- up until Germany embraced atheism around 1900-1947

I would point to the evidence it wasn’t until Germany turned their back on God and became atheist they lost both world wars. I would add the salt on the wound with evidence the great leader, and “saviour” of Germany,  was reduced to a cowardly suicide.


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