A Christian Limbo

Looking over the blog reader it’s painfully obvious none of us are “feeling it” lately. For awhile there was a time we kinda just chocked things up to write about, now it seems many arnt even bothering with that. Yes blogging takes it toll on other things in bloggers life, and more to life then blogging.

For me I’ve been cought up in truck school and just too tired and uninspired to blog when I get the chance. The monatony of backing a truck and standing around a parking lot all day is surprisingly very testing. I’m sure my fellow bloggers have similar stories for their daily lives.

I think it’s a good thing to not blog when not inspired. Chocking something up repeatedly only creates a massive pile of garbage all over your blog site. Quality not quantity- being constantly up to date is overrated. People read what you have written over 2 years ago and it still seems new to them and still perfectly relevant. So honestly why clutter your site with uninspired filler?

At least this is how I feel about the limbo we seem to be going through.

To my other readers when I say “We” I mean the other Christian bloggers I follow in wordpress. It’s not really a secrete club or more then 1 writer on my site or anything, just a collection of random sites that read each others stuff. WordPress is like Facebook for bloggers :-p just saying for clarity.


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