Im really sick of Conspiracy Theories.

Does anyone remember when Conspiracy Theories were basically things like Big Foot or UFO government cover ups?

Let’s see… The Rothchild Family controlling the UN, NAFTA and free trade agreement, HARP spraying Chem trails to decrees the surplus population and control the weather, Maritime Admiralty Courts, Codex Alimentarious destroying the world’s food supply on purpose, Hitler escaped to Argentina, JFK assassination, the fake moon landing, nibiru, global warming….

This has certainly become a crazy world it’s hard to imagine were even still alive.. Or Are We i wonder.

everywhere I turn I find someone who earnestly believes in at least one of the above mentioned. You know what, it’s OK to be skeptical. It’s a GOOD thing to question everything that comes out of the media, look at the evidence and make an informed decision. If you just blindly believed everything you saw on TV or the internet, you’d be just as dumb as that girl on the Allstate commercial.

The problem is that too many people take being skeptical of mainstream media too far, yet blindly accept as fact almost everything fed to them by “Alternative Media” who make money by playing with people’s head.

here’s a great temptation to say that you aren’t taken in by mainstream media and that they’re all propaganda. It feels good to think that you are above it all and that everyone else is a mindless drone. Trust me, I get that. However, if you want to be taken seriously, you need to back that up with evidence instead of links to conspiracy theory sites. You can’t go off on a verbal rampage when someone uses real data and refutes your “facts” which are nothing more than poorly constructed hypotheses based off distorted information specifically tailored to appeal to your favorite conspiracy. When there’s a perfectly logical and simple explanation in front of you but you have to build an elaborate alternative narrative for it because now, EVERYTHING has some evil plot behind it now–that’s not the sign of a skeptical and independent thinker, it means someone needs serious psychiatric help.

To the people who believe EVERYTHING as long as it’s special arcane information that only the do-your-own-research people that tend to subscribe to conspiracy-oriented newsletters – Your Brainwashed, and yourself lack the ability to reason for yourself.

But you know, if you want to believe that there’s a government conspiracy to dumb us all down, kill us and turn our GMO-riddled flouridated corpses over to aliens at Roswell to do research on, go right ahead.


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