Why is Jesus visiting these faithful Muslim Islam Believers [video]

Stories are abounding the middle east is quickly converting to Christianity. Some are converting simply  realizing the evil of it, Others are dreaming dreams of Christ coming to them. The following news report tells several tales of ISIS fighters getting such dreams of Christ after beheading victims.

Report: ISIS Fighter Who ‘Enjoyed’ Killing Christians Wants to Follow Jesus After Dreaming of Man in White Who Told Him ‘You Are Killing My People’

Certainly this is the tale of Paul’s conversion to Saul in our modern times! Yet while none of these people will reach the status of ‘Apostle’ par-sè I submit to you proof God is still working and performing miracles. Gathering souls where no one can reach due to extreme persecution. Salvation and the kingdom of god is still heartedly extended even to Islamic militants.

Certainly this is worthy of praise, however my friends please realize these people will face many hardships. Keep them in your prayers. They will need courage strength and discernment given their enviroment.


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