Speaking of strongholds…

A Christmas Child's Journey

Ever noticed that quite a few of the world’s ancient myths share similar tropes, even across remote cultures? The overlap is especially marked when it comes to creation and apocalypse stories.

Personally, I think it’s because human beings, as a race, have a common history – a shared genesis account and redemptive hope – which got corrupted/embellished over time as people broke into groups, spread out, and multiplied over the earth. 

I mean, what can I say, I believe the Bible’s account of what happened.

But anyway, I was turning that over in my head one day, when the thought occurred to me: since our ancestors have been chronicling all kinds of things orally, artistically and in writing from ancient times, what did they manage to put down, in common, concerning the demonic?

Somehow, I had the feeling that if I just knew where to look, I’d find an answer, especially since widespread skepticism of the supernatural only developed recently in terms of the overall history of mankind. But I wanted something tangible: I wanted something I could see, not…

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