Antichrist USrael = Origin of ISIS Who Kidnaps Christians! – Ben Swan

Michael Basham's Mother Ship

by Power Point Paradise


WHY do you still watch Mainstream media who do not report the obvious truth that the USA financed and armed and trained ISIS, of course with already Antichrist states like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel! If you don’t know how to explain it to the propagandised.. SEND THEM THIS VIDEO! And the other video below how the UK arms Isis and had two of its planes shot down by Iraq, thankfully! MUST WATCH: BEN SWAN explain the obvious!


We are living in a rigged world while being deceived to support an UNSCRIPTURAL WORLD WAR 3 that will make the world more insecure, more Antichrist, and kill more people. A World War this time will lead to many times the casualties of the 2nd World War! So PLEASE don’t yell about ISIS this and ISIS that, SCREAM YOUR HEAD OFF with THIS: THE ANTICHRIST US, UK…

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