Touched by an Angel- the TV show

For some reason I felt like I wanted to watch ‘Touched By An Angel’. It’s an old show from the 90s but I liked it as a kid so I thought it might be good…

I have to say I’m shocked and stunned the show is everything but a Christian show… it’s plainly gnostic actually.

The idea that angels are servants of God, and are here to fix all our moral dilemmas is absolute nonsense. However I said to myself “just go along with this and see what happens”.

As I did so I began to see the angels never even mention Jesus, or for the matter tell people to repent. The golden oppertunity presents itself every single episode at least once. Instead they are there to ‘heal’ the sinner and make them feel good about what they did and try to fix it. Again I said to myself “let’s just go with the program and see what happens.”

There are some suggested bible verses, but the angels never really quote the bible itself directly. Now I know plenty of Christians who do this, myself included. No big deal right? Well it wasnt quite the same “way” we do it. Like they were trying to shrug it off in a way. there was something just off about how they did it- i cant really explain. I said to myself “just get through the first half of season 1”.

Well I made it that far and I pretty much see what this is about. It’s a show ment to manipulate the viewer emotions into believing falsehoods of God’s word. No I’m not heartless, I cried a few times- but honestly they were very much potrayed as what the Bible warns us of “Even demons can appear as angels of light”. Specifically these angels always draw the person to worry more about their upper middle class worldly problems then God himself. Sure they talk a lot about God, but he’s just there sitting in the background somewhere waiting for the chance to help this little white lady with her mess. And should I point out the persistent refrences to transcending our souls? Oh but of course Everyone goes to heaven they don’t need to repent to Christ. It was so much fluffy bunnies and magic rainbows, I wanted to vomit worse so then after my 2 weeks spent at Disney world.

Then I looked into the actresses that played the angels.

Roma Downy- Monica
Claims to be “Roman Catholic”. A small time celebraty she traveled a lot then went on to pursue acedemic credentials after the show. She received an honorary doctorate of law and later received a master’s degree in “Spiritual Psychology”… let me just ask this, what is ‘spiritual psychology’ and why does it sound like new age fitter fatter?

” Transpersonal psychology is a sub-field or “school” of psychology that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology.”- Wikipedia

I don’t usually go by Wikipedia unless I just want a quick answer. It turns out Monica IS actually gnostic. This was the same thing the gnostic of the early church were interested in…. in other words what this means is “we can become like God”.

Moving on to the other actress.

Della Reese- Tess

Ordained minister of “The New Thought” movement. Oh my goodness let me stop right there. Subscribers to this movement actually claim to be Gnostic so there is no mystery here.

It gets better.

She was in a ‘christian’ group called “Meditation Singers” whom ascribed to unitarianism with specific interest in Buddhist theology. She later abandoned ‘christian gospel music’ for Jazz during the 50s and 60s. She was on the cover of ebony magazine after selling #2 on the charts for “musettas waltz”, portrayed as a very seductive and soultry black woman, I might add. After which her music career fizzled into basically nothing.  She had a few shows on TV but began her ‘Christian ministry’ in a ‘new thought’ church. Then she landed herself as a main character in ‘Touched by an Angel’.

Well that is just the 2 main characters. The producers, directors, camera guys, screen play, writers, sponsors, and everyone else involved were not shy to say they are athiests. They were chucking it up the whole time ratings blew through the roof because Christians everywhere LOVED the show.

Honestly it makes me sick there was not one Christian thing about this show except the fact it was direct attack on every Christian mind, while raking in millions. Which is not uncommon for Hollywood, though you would think at least one show could be an exception right?

I suppose I am no longer a child, and I certainly do believe in Angels and God walk us through our troubles… but these angels are not angels I ever want to associate with. I myself am redeemed by Christ and broke free from the New Age bondage of deception. The Lord brought me so far and showed me so much, there is absolutely no way it is this easy for me to be deceived by it now!!

But I will confess that after sitting through this show I said a little prayer.

“God your word tells us the devil was a musician and entertainer. That he was the most beautiful angel of them all. This show I can see that plainly. He is still so beautiful and very skilled in what you created him to do. Lord I know it doesn’t mean much from me, but I am so sorry that someone you created, one of your children, with such talent could betray you and rebel like he did. I know you cut him off- but at the same time I know it must have been a hard decision for you. Thank you so much for giving me the gift of decsernment in a world with so much of his influence. Thank you for guiding me to this show to test that gift. Thank you for casting Satan from heaven so when I come up there, I and many others won’t have to deal with him. We can make our own music and produce our own theater/TV shows many times as well in your presence. I look forward to seeing what productions heaven has in store when Satan is nothing but a distant memory.” – Amen


4 thoughts on “Touched by an Angel- the TV show”

  1. Roma Downey was married to David Anspaugh. Ironically, David’s distant cousin, Treven Taylor Anspach (sic), a guardian angel, gave his life saving a woman by his blood! He is a hero!


  2. Treven Taylor Anspach’s bloodline lives on through his older brother’s son, Carter Matthew Christian Anspach. Anspach has been a family name for 522 years now.


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