Evangelist Anita Fuentes- Profiteering Propagandist

‘Profiteering Propagandist’ means what it sounds like. She sells you propaganda- You pay her to be deceived and brainwashed. From the humble beginnings of street pastoring, Anita has climbed her career ladder straight to the top, and setting herself up to be the next great Joesph Goebbels of the Nazi propaganda ministry-devouring christians left and right with a false word of god. Please Open Your Eyes People  and tell me the difference between Anita and Joel Osteen- because I really can not see it anymore.

Lets take a look at what Queeny Cameroon has to say. AKA “Queeny the Meanie”. Its a short playlist, but she has a lot of good info.

Dock kids on the other hand has a much simpler and up to date way of putting all this:

Oh but lets talk about Mr. Begley


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