Beware of Americans Online

As an American citizen there is something I have noticed with foreigners (Europe, Asia, aulstralia etc)- a small cultural difference you guys over seas should keep in mind, but don’t seem to rightly understand about us. Americans are very LOUD,  we hate our politicians no matter what they do, and sometimes we exaggerate how awful an issue or person might actually be. Notably this reflects a great deal in our news articles, which is why I thought to address this- so many across seas really have a false impression of how bad things are in the states.

Oh yes I hate Obama, a good deal more then you do- but if you asked me honestly if he’s destroying the country the real answer is ‘mildly’. The reason for this is for all the things he’s screwed up, the constitution has a check and balance system to keep an idiot president from doing too much damage. For the past 6 years I myself have seen it at work with Obama- he tried his hardest but a number of things he tried doing simply fell apart because of the Constitutional process and check system. Congress and the Senate is 2 of such check systems, but the feet beneath him is a biggie. Believe it or not if an office or state does not agree or see the benefits of Obamas executive orders, they will often refuse to comply and legally so- and I have seen them do it time and again. What’s more the media is usually quieter when such things happen- the reason being everything is working so it’s no big deal anymore. Overseas I’m certain you never hear when things are working right in America, so I’m just spelling it out.

Then there’s the issue of corruption in American politics. Many people, particularly Americans, would be surprised in how little they really are corrupt. Say for example politics who steel money from tax funds. Yes it does happen and while I’m certain they might not always get caught, when they do get caught they usually only take about $5,000 and split it between 3 or 4 other people out of say $200,000,000 that they could have taken. While steeling is steeling and wrong, it’s not what you may be lead to believe- they are not granting themselves billions of dollars and getting away with it. Trust me, we would hang them in the street if THAT ever happened (we have done it before btw). Yes there is corruption in politics, I fear there is corruption found just about everywhere- but when you actually look into it, it’s often not quite as bad or dramatic as it may have been drummed up.

Americans hate other countries I think is another misconception. Generally as a people we like everyone, and we make no secrete of it to them- but when they mess with us we will make no secrete of it either. Racism being another thing, I can honestly say I don’t think is an American problem for the most part- we look at people’s character and integrity more then skin tone… but if  someone is a bad person or cross us, we are in no way shy about telling them to ‘fuck off’. There are not too many 2 faced Americans, you will always know where you stand with us and why you stand there- whether if we like or hate you we are a very direct people either way. I suppose it’s worth pointing out the extent of this. While our soldiers were at war with Germany in ww2 and our soldiers were stationed there- it was very common place for Americans to open up the barracks and throw parties with the German people in the local town. Oh sure we were blowing Germany up at 8 am, but at 5 o clock the shift was over and time to just be people and have fun with who ever was around and loved a good time. I understand since ww2 the military has always had a hard time with keeping the soldiers from “Having fun” and “making friends” with our enemy civilians. Honestly it’s not a military tactic- we just like people and tend to judge for ourselves if they are friend or foe.

When Americans are angry, or even just mildly concerned, We shout and scream and make sure the one we’re mad at KNOWS IT!! Noticeably in Europe, you guys do that a little bit, however tend to let things go quickly and quietly before moving on to another controversial thing. I am always amazed at how Europeans will readily forgive their politicans mistakes. However when I say we “Exaggerate” what I kind of mean as an example; Obama started a Healthcare system, even though we always had Healthcare- the poorest people really did not see an improvement in their coverage then what was before Obamacare. The Healthcare system was fine to begin with. Obama just wanted to do something to make it look like he was working. The controversy doesn’t so much come from the actual “Healthcare issue” rather the other party (Republican) wants to make it look like their actually working to fix a non existent problem in the public eye. If we lost Obamacare tomorrow or not, truth be told we wouldn’t see much a difference in things from now then the way things were in the 80’s and 90’s- a side more then most Americans would ever admit. Yes we have always taken care of sick people, even if they hadn’t the money to pay a doctor. To my understanding we were the ones who first actually enforced the “take care of the poor” idea to many high levels. Obamacare being just one example, this is just how we are- overzealous, loud, and exaggerate the truth of the matter.

Where that leaves you, the foreign onlooker, well I can only imagine what you think of us. Yes Americans wave their dirty laundry all over the international stage- particularly since the Internet made it so easy to do so. Keep in mind this about American sources, by admission, we are a roudy bunch when we’re mad- and we’re not ashamed of it (I did not say I’m apologizing for this, I’m simply explaining how we are) this is just our cultural norm, and keeping politics in the hot seat is our way of telling them “you better not screw it up”. Coming here however, you’d find culturally we are a very friendly people and usually upbeat, easy to get along with type of people. Most anywhere over here you go, youll find this very noticable. We have some problems, same as your country, but don’t get caught in the crossfire of propaganda that we have a habit to toss around so willy nilly- be somewhat skeptical of us and research carefully almost any given topic. Ask yourself “is this typical American banter or is this for real”?


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