Fish and Shadows and Christians

I have made a curious observation recently with my fishtank. Fish who live their entire lives in a tank, like my Angel Fish, get excited to see a large shadow approach from the distance and swim over- for them the instinct is “Food”! However in the wild when ever fish see a large shadow they run away and hide because it usually means THEY ARE FOOD!! The above is a picture of a shark in the distance. If I let my angelfish go in the wild, I wonder if they would swim to that shadow the same way they swim towards me?

upon this observation I got to thinking about Christians in the church. Some people I know who have been loyal to Christianity since they were 2 years old often don’t seem to have as much a grasp on the world as those who fell away and came back.

I am much like the wild fish at times who’s been put in a fishtank with fish who think that shadow means food. I know what’s out there and what certain things usually lead to. I usually know how to handle it better then my Christian counterpart who’s lived in a cozy bubble their whole lives. Yet somehow some Christians insist because I was lost and just recently found I’m somehow not good enough to speak the word of God!

I say BULLSHIT!! Those Christians haven’t even read the entire bible yet- all they have is years of filtered sermons from a pastor preaching to the choir. I might not have years of church bake sales or bingo hours under my belt, But I have read the terms of service agreement and signed up with Jesus!

Then I get to thinking about house church verses regular churches. It’s true to say most church goers really haven’t read their bible, to them church is like a social club- like the poor man’s country club. As a house church member I can honestly say when talking to other Christians they seldom understand the bible at all, or don’t even know the very important finer details. For example:

An atheist tells a Christian genetics prove we are not all descendent from Adam and eve because we’re not jewish. The Christian freezes up and doesn’t know what to say. Yes it’s hard to say “the bible is the infallible word of god” after that isn’t it. where I chime in is “According to the bible Adam and eve was not jewish or even from Israel. The table of nations details Noah’s descendants and where they migrated. Jews are from the son of Shem whare as Europeans come from Japheth if anything we are like second cousins to the jews. Israel was only made a country thousands of years after god created everything- again the bible details this. In which case genetics wouldn’t show everyone as descendants of isrealites that doesn’t prove the bible wrong at all.” Suddenly the atheist wants to hear what I have to say.

Now I’m not bragging or anything, but truthfully I expect life long Christians to be better. In this age of information there is no excuse for lack of biblical understanding except laziness. At the same time putting ourselves in a fishtank might be cozy and safe from predators, but if we don’t know what’s outs there we may very well get swallowed up by something we think is a good thing.

Be tougher, be intelligent, know your enemy and know what he has to throw at you, be prepared for everything, but most of all Put on your Armor for Christ!!! Look alive soldier!

I suppose this would be a good time to throw in “Know your Enemy” from the Fuel Project. It would be helpful to some. But otherwise I’m just saying, if you lived in a Christian bubble your whole life and lately have some ‘wild fish’ coming in- trust them a little more. We know about that shadow you think is bringing food.


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