The Amish have some major flaws

Something I have been exploring lately is the Amish people. Here are a people who seem to embody the Christian model of living. Only until you actually look into what they do is it apparent that something is not quite right here.

I can’t say the Amish are evil however, or particularly satanic. As far as I can see Christians in every denomination have their flaws- we are not perfect people. The message isn’t to be perfect it’s to be saved by Christ and do the best we can with our time in this world- that’s it and thank God there isn’t too much more then that. That being said where the Amish have their flaws seems to be considerably not as Christian as one might think.

1. They are works based- saved by grace is the start but works ultimately decides if you go to heaven. When you die you are judged and your works are put on a scale. If the scale says your not good enough it’s straight to hell. The whole point of Jesus was to get rid of this idea not encourage it. No matter what we do our works are like rags to god- Jesus paid the debt of our sins so we would not have to be judged on a scale. All we have to do is come to him.

2. Oral Law is the bases of Amish tradition not so much the bible. Here the Amish took notes from the Pharesees not Jesus. Oral law was how the lawyers (pharesees) expanded on the laws of Moses- a crime which Jesus absolutely hated about them. Additionally the Sadducees (temple priests) took scripture and made it into a unbearable strict beurocratic thing,  which is what Jesus hated about them. If the Amish were Christian why would they want to duplicate the same thing as the people who nailed Christ on the cross?

3. Charity and Evangelism is not something the Amish do. They are forbidden by oral law to preach the gospel or help the poor, this goes completely against Jesus’s teachings. The reason for not complying with this is it requires stepping out of the Amish bubble. They only interact with the world when they are selling stuff, but do not expect any help or fellowship with them. They strictly mean it when they say “do not be apart of the lost world” even when it interferes with Christ’s commands.

4. It isn’t enough to become saved for the Amish, when they say “works get you into heaven” what they kind of elude to is “Jesus is a role model for us to become like God”. In some circles this is known as the first lie, when the snake tempted eve and told her she too can become like god. We see this trend throughout the bible notabley the tower of Babel, Nebuchadnezzar, Pharoah and Moses, etc… the only difference here is the approach isn’t arrogant kings “placing their thrones with the most high”- instead it’s done according to Jesus’s teachings in meekness.

5. Keeping only the German Lutheran Bible. Not all Amish communities use KJK or NIV, some have a strict law forbidding the English translation. This is reminiscent of the Catholic Church keeping the bible only available in Latin, and only allowing the clergy to learn latin. While many Amish can speak and read German, it’s a dieing trend. They mostly speak swiss and english (swiss is nothing even like German if some think so) This makes reading the Bible for themselves impossible – and sets the Amish community up for the same sins of the church during the inquisition.

6. The sermon on the mount. In every Christian cult the belief is typically “the only thing you need to know about Jesus is the sermon on the mount”. (This should always be a red flag when talking to other Christians btw). Jesuits are the ones who started this trend because the main point of that sermon was at the end when Jesus says “to become perfect in the eyes of god”… However it’s taken out of context he was taking about following him not becoming Like god.

7. They are running a kind of cult. If you do not follow the oral law you will lose you’re entire life. Your family, job, house,  everything. By excommunication people are cast out and told they are not going to heaven, and made examples of in front of the community. Living in a community that’s so strict with such a harsh discipline means to everyone they are trapped. Jesus never taught us to entrap people to his ways, he said simply to be firm but flexable and preach the message of salvation.

8. The emphasis on “Being in the world But not Apart of the world”. Outside of the sermon of the mount, this seems to be the only thing they have of Jesus’s teachings. Yes they are not apart of the world at all, it’s very obvious by the horse and buggy and no high tech stuff. However Jesus wasn’t talking about that- he ment do not partake in the world’s sins but go out to the lost and evangelize. How can you be a warrior of Christ if you’re only interested in preaching to the choir? You are going to have to get your hands dirty and part of that is dealing with the temptations that will surround you while evangelizing to the lost. What the Amish have done here is created a cozy sterile Christianish environment. When faced with temptations of the outside world, they seldom don’t have their guns loaded.

In the same respect imagine your pet dog going to the woods with a wolf pack. Would your dog who is used to food given to him and a soft cozy bed, with indoor heat during winter be able to hunt for the pack in the wild? I can honestly say my dog would be useless in the woods to fend for himself, and I suspect the wolves would eat him before he had a chance to learn.  The imagery used here is what Christ expects of us. As Christians we have to be a little tougher and able to take a few bruises when reaching out to lost people. We must be even willing to be killed.

So looking at this is hard to think of how charming it must be to live on a Amish farm. However the charm of it all is a facade. Will the Amish go to heaven, may be the next big question for some… All I could say is they have repented to Christ but I don’t think they really know him. To a point I think they would have sided with the pharasee and saducees in executing christ in ancient Israel – Or at least excommunicated him.

After painting the Amish as Jesuits I will toss this in to their credit and also the pharesees credit- They are trying to walk with God to the best of their understanding- which is what any of us can ultimately do. Whats more the pharesees and the amish alike have come up with som pretty good ideas on how to walk with god. The purpose of the oral law in Judaism was a means to clarify the laws of Moses, the only trouble Jesus had with it was the Pharesees and Saducees were taking it more seriously and burrocraticaly then what was necessary- and they would not take the laws into their hearts. They knew the law and scripture but did not understand why it was given to them in the first place- consequently they were unable to “expand or clarify” the law. The Amish may be repeating the same mistakes but as Christians we are saved by grace, and when/if they go to heaven, all this will be made understood to them anyway. The point of this digression is good intentions may not always yield the best results- and I suppose what may look charming and godly, could very well be Satan in disguise. I will let the reader judge for themselves what they think of the Amish on this note.


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