A Christmas Q&A: #14

A Christmas Child's Journey

Time for the next edition~ (If you’re unfamiliar with Q&A posts and want to know what this is all about, here’s the lowdown. The full series is available here.)


Q: In Acts 16, why do you think Paul tolerated the evil spirit for days before confronting it?

A: My opinion: the girl was not free. Paul’s general style was to preach and appeal publicly to people, and speak to them further/visit their homes only if they responded and invited him, not to target individuals who didn’t welcome or accept his message. The girl belonged to a master who was not a believer and had not expressed a desire to be; interfering with such a man’s slave would therefore be an affront to the man himself, and not something Paul would ordinarily, readily do. The only reason he confronted the spirit at all, in the end, was because…

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