Died on the cross or ressureccted on the cross

Something really stupid has made its way into my mind lately. Do I call it “Jesus died on the cross” or do I say “Jesus ressureccted from the cross”. Normally I don’t think this way, but the habit of saying “Jesus died on the cross” just doesn’t seem accurate, or for the matter the point of salvation.

I’m told plenty of people have died so what’s special about jesus? If anyone of us were beaten for 2 days and nail on a cheap piece of wood until we bleed to death, does that mean we’re worthy to save people’s souls?
In theory I could do that, you, the pope, bill or ted and just about anyone if we really wanted to. There are some weird people out there who would do it in heart beat I’m sure.

So I’m going to change how I word this from now on, no more of this sloppy habbit. Jesus RESURRECTED from the cross. He died and came back to life- not as a zombie or as a ghost. Not once did he die, it’s 2015 years later and he’s still ALIVE!!! Here is the thing not one of us can do, among other things he did and prophecies he fulfilled.

While these things are stupid we know what each other means when we say “Jesus died on the cross for our sins”… it’s just something nagging me in my head to get out of that habbit simply because it’s not true or deserving.


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