There are no Atheists in Foxholes…Thank God!



You know the joke – “How do you know someone is Vegetarian?

Don’t worry, they will let you know as soon as they can.“

Admittedly not very funny, however a relevant point – ‘Veggies’ quickly distinguish themselves as (self) righteous folk helping those who don’t have a voice whilst at the same time making sure theirs is properly heard – which (normally) doesn’t cause too much conflict with those who choose to be on ‘team meat’. The same can’t be said for Atheists however – within 10 minutes of meeting one I normally reach the conclusion they are a total arsehole! Regardless of colour, class, or income level – an actual arsehole!


You see, it’s ‘Open season’ on religion and religious figures within them; and not a week or so passes without Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins ‘piping up’ to prove one’s unparalleled level of ‘cuntiness’

Even celebrities like…

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