Award Ceremony- Dream 1/19/15

Yesterday I did some looking over the website/blog- reorganizing things, and when I was done I just said a silent prayer. I asked god to bless my blog and that it was all a service to him. I asked him if he approved of it, if he would change anything, If i should post about something- Basically if there’s anything I could do for him let me know. I thought nothing more of it and went to bed. He sent me this dream last night which was very nice:

I was sent an Invitation by email to go to a christian blogger award ceremony, the email did not say who it was from- only that it would come to me. I sat the laptop aside and found myself in a strange house that had 4 fish tanks. 2 fish tanks had a lid, 2 did not. A stranger came over, he said he was from the pet store, he wanted me to have 4 very unique fish. I asked him to help me put 1 fish in each tank- so he did, and left.

The fish he brought me was like an ugly tadpole- they were down right hideous. None the less I fed each one and told them I think they were great fish. I turned the tank lights off and went to sleep. When I woke up I went back to the tanks and was shocked. The 2 fish tanks with out lids had nothing in them, but the 2 fish tanks with lids had the most gorgeous flies hopping on top of the water.

They looked like dragon flies, but with a long sparkled fish tail. They were pink, with blue sparkles. I thought to myself the flies in the tank without lids must have flown away, I wonder if these 2 would be happier if they could fly out.

As I was considering letting them out of the tank, a knock was on my door. The man who gave me the fish was with a parade. Somehow he redecorated the room and put up a stage with red velvet curtains. He stood up to the microphone and announced Angel Fish Blog the winner of christian blogging. I asked the man “What did I do to deserve this award” he told me:

‘Jesus loves all his servants who try to tell the world about him, this award simply is in recognition of your service, And there are other Award winners today’

He called up some of the bloggers I follow I will list them later.

On my plaque it said:

“Upon careful review by the committee in heaven, We are proud to present Angel Fish with this achievement for victory in christ. Angel Fish blog wins best in creativity and original delivery as well as evangelism for the advancement of Gods kingdom.”

It was under signed Jesus

P.S. I would not change a thing

The parade left and the stage was taken down, it was just me and the guy who gave me the fish. I asked him what kind of fish are these and why did you give them to me.

He told me they were a present from Jesus, but I wasn’t suppose to know. Jesus knows I like interesting fish, so he wanted me to have them. He also told me dont worry about the 2 that got away, they will multiply so that many people can have one too.

Then I woke up.

When I woke up I thought I was supposed to do something, I looked up christian blog awrds and how to enroll… But then It hit me about the prayer, I said a quiet “Oh”. Well thank you Jesus, I’m just happy to serve and I’ll keep serving as long as I have WIFI connection 😀

So the dream came to me answering a prayer, and it is an unusual dream for me to have- therefore noteworthy. I hope God blesses all christian bloggers- and I think he does. For a reason God felt it was important for me to dream about the other winners, Im happy to list them. This is not in the order received. I will add what they looked like in the dream, just for Lol’s 😀

So who was in the awards ceremony:

Serving Jesus Here- Big purple M&M with label on back “Serving Jesus here”

Courageous Christian Father- was riding a bicycle, I only saw the back

Chelsea Dent- A little girl with pigtails and a big lollipop. I didnt hear your name, but I heard him say “This award is For making a dent in the world” I kinda knew it was you from the catch phrase :-p

Christmas Child- looked like anime super hero… just like your fb pic

Touching the King- part woman, part butterfly. Silver lined wings, white and yellow. Had Antena.

There were several others but I did not recognize them. I was told I will meet them in time, but not now. I completely forgot who they were.


19 thoughts on “Award Ceremony- Dream 1/19/15”

  1. Wow! I was going to comment on the dream to say how beautiful it was and that I enjoyed reading the post.

    Only to go further to see my name???!!!

    Wow! i am shocked….and blessed. To think that i couldn’t sleep anylonger and thought to come to wordpress.
    Lord knows I love purple!.. the M&M? hahaha i think it is a lovely touch…maybe i am sweet…lol

    On Touching the King, wow..i think it is very powerful. Speaking of Butterflies, She is emerging 🙂 xx

    Anyway lovely post and very encouraging dream you had. I am glad our Father does answer prayers in the most unusal and awesome of ways.

    Honoured to be recognised,appreciated and encouraged by Heaven….that’s all that matters.

    Keep up the good work x

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      1. your in the UK right? some things on youtube might be blocked there… Try googleing ‘American M&M commercial’. From what I remember though in the dream you werent too outgoing either. You were kinda dragging to go on stage, but trying to look like you were posing for a red carpet shot at the same time.


    1. Jacqui That is good timing, wow 😀 There was something else about you in the dream. you were crying a lot, like both happy and sad at the same time. You kinda just rushed on stage and right back off, like you didnt want to be in the spot light long at all. Do you know what a Butterfree pokemon looks like? you had its wings except in silver and white and yellow spots- anyway. You have a new family now in the body of christ, never mind holding on to things in the past. I suspect your future in heaven is more glorious then anything you could imagine.

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      1. This has so uplifted me! Rushing off and on stage like that would be ME! Yes I am so realizing now about my new family … I will check out this Butterfree Pokemon ….. thank you I have had lots of tears but now there is so much more joy God Bless xx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Just checked out the butterfree pokemon and it made me laugh as it was as a child’s drawing! Another part of healing. Also it was originated in Japan and the LORD has just been speaking to me and another brother Tony on dreams we are getting about Japan so this is another wonderful confirmation to hearing right. Thanks!

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      3. You mean there are others? I swear I keep getting this feeling I have to keep watching japan. Something is there that I have to see. I looked into it over and over, but I always have this feeling something big will happen.. Something both good and bad at the same time. I remember someone ( I think was you) who posted something about a tidal wave there- not sure if thats the same feeling I have but I feel like god will rush in his spirit to people there (like a tidal wave), and it wont be well received.

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      4. I have had Japan on my mind for a long time. I think it is one of the hardest places to evangelise and not too many missionaries have gone out there [not sure of my facts really] just stuff I’ve read.

        I think you are right there is good and bad that run alongside …. perhaps a real turning to God as they have been hit with so much. Only this morning on UK news two Japanese people have been kidnapped so Japan is in the front news. xx

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      5. Amen..and amen. I was smiling all the way while reading you comment to Jacqui, AngelFish.

        Having known Jacqui for a while, albeit a short one and online, I can honestly say this fits her. Our Father sure knows His children. I am indeed happy for Jacqui!!! A tear or two threatening my eyes… 🙂


  2. Just read Jacqui’s reply to you and saw she said ..
    “rushing off to and back from the stage…That would be ME..”.

    Just as I….Guess I kind of know people..even without having met her, I simply felt it fit her (from her posts).

    I am glad Jacqui is healing. We all need it.xx


  3. hahahahah. Yea that would be me too. When you mentioned i was waving, i pictured myself blushing while doing so.

    Not a spotlight person at all. Must have been very awkward in my “trying to pose for the camera”. lol…definitely not a girly girl.

    Anyway, thanks for your replies.
    Yes, I am in uk. Will check the commercials.

    God bless you x


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