Trusting in Our Own Righteousness is a Thing Fatal to the Soul

Learning To Be Full Of Grace And Truth.

It is time for Tuesdays with Edwards!

In my last few posts on grace I have made some strong assertions that grace is the only thing that works. If we are ever going to be accepted, loved, and enjoyed by God the only way it can happen is by a supernatural self-initiated and self-sustained act of grace on His part. Jonathan Edwards believed this too. For today’s selection I have chosen one of his “miscellanies” in which he addresses this subject at length.

The Miscellanies are a collection of notebooks that Edwards kept in which he wrote down thoughts and insights and ideas on a wide variety of subjects. You might think of them as his idea books. Some of them are just a sentence or two, others are as long as a short book. In all there are over 1400 entries in these notebooks. While Edwards used this collection…

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