Evangelist Anita Fuentes a Martyr

A wicked doer giveth heed to false lips; and a liar giveth ear to a naughty tongue.- Proverbs 17: 4

Evangelist Anita Fuentes is about as much a martyr as much as Paris Hilton suffers from poverty after blowing her trust fund.

I’ve heard Anita got a death threat and the guy had her address (it’s her po box number listed on her website) and was gonna rape and kill her. This is hardly a credible death threat, People have PO box numbers for the sole reason of not giving out their actual address. (PO box means Post Office Box- you pick the mail up at the post office). So if this doesnt cover her butt enough, she isnt shy to say shes fully loaded with a gun. Frankly I’m not worried about anita being able to take care of herself. Talk to me about martyrdom when she humbles herself to an executioner- when she cant even humble herself to even the smallest amount of constructive criticism. (better yet a christian telling her she is falling away from god)

I do not put it beneath Anita to go live on air and use such a thing to display herself as a martyr- because she is the rawest form of a Sensationalist. She is a false teacher trying to get you pulled in. She pulls you in by toying with your emotions and playing games with your head. (this method should sound similar to Satan btw) If there is some confusion about this I refer you specifically to one of my articles about her:

Evangelist Anita Fuentes False Watcher on the Wall

Church carrottI have written 2 articles on Evangelist  Anita Fuentes being a false prophet, and false watcher on the wall. Of which I regret both because of all the christian knowledge I’ve shared the only article people want to read is that. Truely I’d rather people read about Jesus and what kinds of things god does for us, and credible bible prophecy. Instead i’m stuck back tracking to this woman who is a utter waste of everyone’s time. She is a virtual Mega Church leader- no different from Joel Osteen or Pat Robertson, She may as well crawl in bed with them. Today I got a piece of hate mail I’d like to share (no Identities will be shared) :
“I think you are a small minded person to attack someone you probably have never even met. Sister Anita is very much a warrior for GOD and she has a blessed ministry. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to defame her. However, The bible does say that the Christians and saints will be persecuted. Mark 5:10. blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake:for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
I say unto you if your heart has not been surrendered to God almighty please ask Jesus to come in and save your soul, He is the only way and we are about to experience the most horrible things happening on this planet and there will be no help from anybody but your brothers and sisters in Christ. I will pray for your soul tonight”
You know I really cant put this any better then the response I made to this person:


One of the things Jesus tells us is to test the fruits of a leader, Here I see one of such fruits in your comment Specifically the first line: “I think you are a small minded person to attack someone you probably have never even met.” I have not met you before, and as far as being open minded I’ve followed Anita for almost a year back when she only had 300 subscribers. Before I wrote my article on anita fuentes I was a follower much like yourself- I stated this in my article. As I watched her grow I watched her turn into nothing but a sensationalist, and i tried to warn her to turn back to god, but she would not hear it.

Mark 5:10 does not say; “blessed are they which are persecuted….” it says; “And he besought him much the he would not send them away out of the country.”(Which is interesting you used that verse because Anita  does it to people all the time who come to hear the word of god)

However where is Anita being persecuted no more then anyone who puts them selves out there on youtube? I’ve heard plenty of stories of christians and non christians getting death threats by email-  simply because they became popular on youtube. The same is true even for celebrities. She is hardley a martyr and yet I would never send any such a threat to anyone. Here you come to me and accuse me of persecution you better have something better then a misquoted bible verse.

I am saved by grace as a christian and I am bound to jesus’s teachings. One of such teachings includes giving no wiggle room for false teachers. Time and time again I’ve watched anita misquote the bible out of context, lie about media reports, smuge bible prophecy for the sake of her show. You come here to rebuke me and accuse me of being small minded and not with christ because I find such a person a potential agent for Satan?

If you have any additional things to say to me please feel free to email me.

-Angel Fish


But lets say Anita reads this article for some reason, well I have a song just for her I want her to hear about her tragic “Martyrdom”

You know lets talk a second what christian Martyrdom is. No I wont even mention the middle east or some third world country- I’ll talk about Christian Martyrdom right here in the USA. True stories of christians who become martyrs in the First World because of their faith.
Story of a Single Mother

Alice grew up in Niagara Falls new york. She was an agnostic by the time she met her husband. He joined the army and took her everywhere. She lived with him for 10 years bouncing from military base to military base- and She had 2 kids with this man. Keeping a job for her was impossible because of her living situation, and for years was pretty unnecessary anyway she was a stay at home mom. One day she was invited to go to a church while her husband was stationed in Alaska. The town she lived in was very rural, literally out in the middle of no where- it started as a way for her to just make some friends. The more she went to church the more angry her husband became with her. Somehow in her heart though she fell in love with Jesus and loved going to church. She wasnt fully converted yet in saying the lords prayer but she wanted to know more and more about God.

After a few months her husband told her that he was being re assigned to a new station, but because of the children he rather she stayed in this town and not go with him. For “safety”. Well sure why not Alice told him.

He rented a cabin for her there and left, on the door of the cabin was a letter from him waiting for her from her husband. It said:

“You have driven me away with all this jesus talk and going to church. Your a whole different person now and I cant deal with it anymore. I paid for 3 months at this cabin for the sake of the kids, but otherwise you are on your own.”

Here she was in a town that had no jobs, was about 700 miles away from civilization, 2 kids to feed and not even a cent to her name. The church told her because she disobeyed her husband and her husband left her (making her an adulteress) she could get no help from them. What does she do?
She prayed to jesus to come into her heart Officially and that she wanted to walk only with him.

For 3 months she tried getting somewhere in this town, meanwhile the only food she could give herself and the kids was pickles, tuna fish, and pieces of bread. The heat was quickly shut off as she couldnt afford it. She had to keep herself and the kids warm with blankets huddled together in a cabin out in the alaskan wilderness- while it was approaching winter.

When the 3 months were up she couldnt hold out any longer. It was now looking like being homeless in alaska in the middle of winter- ok this is a serious life and death situation. She called her brother and told him everything crying and completely breaking down to come get her. Her brother wasted no time getting in the car, driving almost 4000 miles to save her.

Today Alice goes to a baptist church in Niagra Falls. She still has her 2 kids with her and because of her lack of work history the job she lives on is Rite Aid. She considers herself blessed every day because she can put a roof over her head and feed herself. She considers herself blessed because it was Jesus who set her free from a husband that would walk away so easily and was so down right cruel. Even though it was the church who abandoned her, she found a better church that would never do such a thing.

Alices story teaches us perseverance in christ and humility to our persecutors in every sense of the word. Though I did not use her real name, every bit of this tale is true, and a example of martyrdom.  I was a witness to this  story, and I must say excuse me for not feeling any amount of sympathy for people like Anita Fuentes.
Look at people like Alice because this is the end times glimpse.  Your family will throw you under the bus,  you’re church will turn their back on you- especially when you need them. What’s funny is the bigger the church the more expendable you are to them to begin with. If you think anita well help you in some way during tribulation your sadly mistaken.
Yes I have prayed for anita, but not her safety. I’m comfident enough that’s not an issue. I’ve prayed several times she comes back to christ and stops leading people astray. I’ve prayed she does not ruin her soul for a cheap youtube thrill. I’ve prayed the Lord step in and wake christians up to listen only to sound doctrine with an intelligent ability to discern what is and is not the word of god. In this way false teachers and prophets will not have the ability to rise up. So many of Anita followers say they are Christians but who’s word do you listen to, Anita or Gods? Do you not discern the difference ever? Do you not think such critical thinking is important in our approaching end times? I tell you Anita is void of Jesus and her minstrel has no fellowship. What have you done as a Christian watching her but sit there and listen to manipulated news stories? Judge yourself by your fruits and seek the Lord while he may be found.

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4 thoughts on “Evangelist Anita Fuentes a Martyr”

  1. I have to say I thought I was the only one who thought this way.. I prayed to God that he would help me not judge. I prayed for her as you did.. Here’s my story.. (Short side) After three days of watching “her show” I was hooked… So much that I forgot about my relationship and communion with God and left my first love, ‘Jesus’ I was consumed with her always puting her “shows” first.. I fought with my fiancé and started to ignore my Children.. Always waited and worried about what will happen what was the next “breaking news” .. I was so intrigue and lost in her ” shows” I lost touch with life itself. Until one day I heard that little small voice tell me “you have made her God”….Of course I ignored it but days went by and slowly something started to change. I started seeing things for what this really was.. still I watched her “shows” But I could hear The Lord say “Concentrate on me worship me do not worry I am Jesus and I’m protecting you stop looking for news and prophecy you are consumed.. open your eyes and test the spirits.. Come to me for your answers I will teach you” ..there was more but I’m trying my best to make this short and to the point.. So basicly I saw the truth I would watch her and see it felt it and just knew this was all false… Lies from the father of lies made to distract me from the one thing that matters most in my life.. My first love!! Jesus.. I could of lost my family too..But thank God he came right on time!
    I now beleive the devil is working through her and he loved that I was distracted so lost and so confused. I think about how many people watch her and out of that how many are/ were like me… How many were/ are lost distracted and confused who believed and are still believing these lies and living in fear and forgetting their first love.. For God is not the author of confusion nor does he give us a spirit of fear… There it was.. The spirit, the test, the lie.. None of this lined up with the word of God.. Don’t get me wrong I see what is happening in the world I believe in the rapture but no one knows the day or the hour not the angels nor the son… Jesus just told us what to look for and to be ready.. I see signs but I won’t let it consume me my eyes are staying on Jesus.. My hope trust and my faith is in him and him alone.
    Ok to the point now- I had to learn how to forgive and that was the hardest part Finally little by little I did I started to pray for her i stopped having anger and judging her. Finally one day I sent her a message on Facebook I basically told her I love her I care and Im praying for her .. Asked her why if she was a messenger or prophetess or evangelist or servant of God why would she call this ‘your show’ This is not a show.. Or “your” it’s all about Jesus..
    I said this in love and respect.. This was just a short version of the message I added to her wall on Facebook about an hour later it was deleted.. I didn’t want to judge or think the worse.. I sent it again ( I saved a copy in my notes) again it was deleted.. I sent it one more time in the comments sections of one of her “shows” .. And guess what? deleted…till this day I have never watched a “show ” of hers looked at a picture or listen to a message or anything else.. And if anyone mentions her name on you tube to quote her words or call her a prophet I never watch them again.. I forgave her and I’m free…All I can say is test the spirits don’t lose your first love… It’s not you it’s Jesus! Thank you for reading this… And thank you for sharing your message with us.. This is all his confirmation I needed..


    1. Praise God Anna!!! Thank you so much for your input, I think it was very valuable and certainly how I felt. Stay with Jesus and what ever happens- even in the end times- faith in God and his son is all we need.

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    2. Anna, I was just wondering if you sent Anita any money like I did. My story is so much like yours. I told her I loved her and that I was praying for her constantly. I was her number one fan for so long, I promoted her everywhere and to everyone. I had her bumper sticker on my van even. She was like my idol. Then when she started tanning and whitening her teeth, wearing lots of jewelry, I felt like my money was going towards her appearance and not her ministry. I left a comment on her page after others commented on her appearance and all the new clothes she seemed to be buying and wearing for her shows. I was immediately blocked. But I had two accounts so I was able to get back on her page using my other facebook account.

      I emailed her and posted on her facebook and youtube page again so many apologies and asked for her forgiveness but she never responded. This is when I sent her another large donation with a note asking for forgiveness and instead of blocking me, she would just delete my comments off her pages, even ones with Bible verses in them. I was also “helping” her find articles to share on her facebook but she would post them but not share my name giving me credit for them.

      I felt so hurt by her, I took it so personally that a prophet of God had rejected me. This is when she really started getting bold about her heresies and posting very foul mouthed things about “not caring or giving a **** what anyone thinks about her no matter what”. I think I am partly to blame about how out of control she got. Maybe if I had rebuked her in a kinder, nicer tone and not so harshly, she wouldn’t have been driven so far into her heresies.

      She had posted that the words we said to her about her clothing and painting her nails made her cry, “stupid tears”. This was not long after her son passed away. I felt so badly for my criticism because it obviously hurt her a great deal, especially after losing her son a few months prior. I think the pain of all that hardened her heart and drove her into some sort of tail spin because she really started lashing out at others in the comments on her page and using really bad language.

      I really feel badly that my comments and others like me hurt her and I regretted it after she posted that it had made her cry. Anita if youre reading this, please know that at that time in my life, I was going through some very difficult situations myself that was really stressing me out and I know my words towards you could have been a lot nicer and sympathetic, especially after losing your son. I wish I could go back and do it over again. And I am truly sorry for the loss of your son. I again, ask for your forgiveness for putting you down for your clothing and makeup, it was your spirit that only mattered in those videos back then, and I think that I and others really killed your spirit in by our put downs of your appearance. truth be told, when I posted those comments on your appearance, I hadn’t even watched that video that day, I just saw what you were wearing and what others were saying and jumped on the boat with them. When I did watch the video after I was blocked, I felt so bad because I could tell that her Spirit was alive with the love of God, no matter what she was wearing. I can see that all that has happened since then has really turned you in such a wrong direction now. I pray you turn back.

      Anyways, after she blocked about a dozen or more people following those comments on her appearance, she just started to seem to come apart and unglued on her viewers engaging in arguments with them more and more, especially over her gun use and celebrating Christmas. She kept quoting “Proverbs_25:26 A righteous man falling down before the wicked is as a troubled fountain, and a corrupt spring.” as her defense for using a gun for self defense. Many others did not agree with her including myself. Every time I would try to correct her, she would delete my comments. It’s been that way ever since. I don’t know what it’s going to take to turn her back around now, but pride and a stiff heart always comes before the fall. Proverbs 16:18

      God bless you Angel Fish for putting up this blog, and God bless you too Anita if you’re reading this. I pray you take heed to what people are saying and make some changes for the better.



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