The Tarot Readers Perspective

Looking over some of my own blog posts I realized I never really talk about my pagan past much. I suppose I kinda just wanted to forget it, and a lot of it’s nonsense anyway. But there may be some value of it to a christian audience, I hope its of more value to a pagan audience though.

As a pagan I was very good at Tarot readings, I ching and calling spirits. People would come from all directions constantly asking for a reading. One thing I noticed very quickly was, each of these people would keep coming back to me with the same questions. Over and Over it was “what should I do about Blank”. What ever BLANK was it was always the same situation 3 times a day- No one could ever seem to get over it. They would keep asking the same question and keep getting the same answer, but were never satisfied. They kept asking for profound revelations, but most of them just obviously werent ready for ‘profound’ because they couldn’t get over some petty temporary problem. I had to plainly tell them this, but yet it still wasnt enough. I could see it in their eyes, they were thirsty and eager for something they were just void of. Their spirits were so dead inside and dependent on someone telling them what to do every step of the way. I had to put my foot down on tarot readings, limiting them- because too often people would waste my time asking the same stupid question over and over, getting the same stupid answer over and over.

Then there was the other side of it, they expected me to be a therapist. I would have to sit down and listen to every aspect of their feelings and first world problems- and they just went on and on for hours. Of course I tried being sensitive, but really I had other things to do, and they didn’t really have a serious problem at all. All they knew was somehow theres a void and there spirits felt dead.

Often my remedy was to cut them off from Divination, simply because for some- it only enabled decay of their souls. They paid too much attention to their problems and pounced on the chance to beat themselves up. It wasnt helping them at all it just created a deeper void. I told them the truth Their souls are thirsty for life but I cant give it to them, like I somehow knew this, Divination wasnt the answer for them. Meditation would help (keep in mind I was still lost too). I explained this to so many people, sometimes I wonder if they just found someone else to turn to for it.

Divination is something like an addiction for some I suppose. They want to hear that their special and some mystical thing is going to tell them that. They want something to hold their hand but they don’t know or care what that thing is. They know they are lost but they don’t know how they are lost, or what makes them lost. They have a desire to believe in a higher being somewhere loves them and wants them to be happy, but they dont really know in their hearts what that entails. They think they know what Love is, meanwhile their hearts are always empty and unsatisfied.

I wish I could go back in time to the people I deceived with divination and tell them what I know now is something I should have known then. Their souls are in this void because they have been pushed and severed from their creator. Like a plant that has been covered from the suns rays, no matter how much water you give it- it only withers. They are hungry for understanding like the plant is hungry for the sun light. As it is I cant travel back in time, but I can write an article on it now and hope and pray it goes to someone who needs it- perhaps maybe even another tarot reader.

The remedy for such a soul is God himself, not a pagan god at all, but the one true god who made them. Yahweh, the God of the Bible. Accept no cheap imitations or things imagined by man. Transcend your understanding to what is truth, and I assure you all things are not as they seem by your own understanding. Many will mock him, and only a few will understand him. If you truely reach to him instead of these man made pieces of paper, profound truths will be revealed to you over and over again.

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