A little voice told me

Sometimes when I hear a little voice in the back of my head. This usually happens during or after prayer. I am amazed at how there are other Christians who tell me they get the same thing- and I don’t believe we are schizophrenic. Many have asked does god talk to us?  The answer is YES he does you just have to know what to listen for.

What kinds of things does God say?

Honestly it’s like an inner best friend we talk about everything no matter how random. Sometimes I hear it tell me look this up, when I do I’m often amazed at the revelation- anything from scripture to news articles to what someone on Facebook is doing. It’s as if God tells me when something is happening right when it’s happening, or often when someone is need of something, Or perhaps there’s something I don’t understand about his word. However it’s more then that, it’s amazing how candid God really is- there’s the little things like ‘wear an extra layer today’ or ‘drink tea instead of coffee this morning’.

How do I know it’s God’s Voice?

Well for starters drinking tea instead of coffee is clearly not my own train of thought- usually tea is the last thing on my mind when I wake up. Next it doesn’t sound like my own thoughts, it’s quieter the tone is different. If I could describe gods voice it’s gentile and distinct. Once you know what your listening for,  you can’t help but pin point it.

How to hear gods voice.

Simply pay attention to the thoughts in your head. You will get a lot of noise at first, but just try to quiet your mind and listen for the only voice talking. Test that voice, ask it questions about jesus or things you yourselve would not know but could look up later, make sure it’s not from some other spirit. Once you know the voice to listen for it becomes easy, you just have to find it in your own head.

It’s pretty neat this is actually talked about in the Bible. Prophets like Amos and Moses would refrence the still voice that guides them. At no point in the bible does God ever come out in thunder and lightning shouting through the clouds at people- instead he is like a tiny whisper for only those who hear.

Does it make me special I can hear him and no one else?

I don’t think so I think anyone could do it if they tried or knew what voice they were looking for. Sadly I can not get into other people’s heads to coach them and tell them what there doing wrong- but I can tell them to try and give it a shot. I do believe if you can’t hear it then you can feel it. One way or another god is getting through to you, it’s not necessarily better or worse to hear it or feel it.

When I converted to Christianity I came from a new age background specifically dealing with spirits in meditations. This really concerned me at first that more or less the same method seemed to work yet the voice kinda pushed itself on me. I wasnt really looking for it, it just kinda happened. Perhaps I did have some prior training for what thats worth, but still I was cautious. I went through a half a year testing the voice each and every time before I spoke to it or heard what it had to say. I was very up in guards, because I made it clear I want nothing more to do with new age. I still put emphasis on testing the spirit because it seems demons can do this too. Be rigorous in your test questions, don’t be shy to put god on interrogation about Jesus. I would ask the voice:
Did Jesus die and resurrect?
Who are you?
Who is the president of Tajikistan?
How do you feel about Jesus?
I would even scream in my mind “If this is not from God I cast it out in the name of jesus!!”- just to make sure the voice would not go away (you’d be surprised how many voices actually did).

The voice was very patient and knew my heart on the matter and why I was earnisty testing it. To some degree I thought I might have been kinda rude- but I made no apologies, rather a thank you for you’re patience with me.

For some Christians you may find this to be a good means to walking closer to God. You may even dismiss it prayer is plenty in itself even if you can not hear back. God wants to be our best friend, and how I see it is he installed a cell phone in our brains so we can talk to him even just to chit chat.

I think it’s also worth noting sometimes I won’t hear the voice when asking for it or looking for it. Well that’s no big deal to me- for whatever reason god is busy or maybe my mind isn’t still enough. I don’t expect god to be on my beck and call and not offended in some kind of way. Even Abraham had moments when God would not speak to him, usually because Abraham ended up fixing his own problems. Me I usually just want to say Hi anyway.

I think it’s true some of our prayers and request are short sighted and we can probably deal with it ourselves- and god wants us to. Just don’t take it as he abandoned you, that much is impossible.

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