Avatar – Filling a cup that is already full

Translating Heaven

We’ve already looked at Avatar previously: (LINK HERE).

Today, I want to focus specifically on a scene at the beginning of the movie.  Jake has just recently been “born again” (gotten into his avatar), but he’s very clumsy living in this new body, and so triggers a bunch of dangers through being a spiritual “baby”.  Coming to the Omaticaya, he asks to learn their ways.

At this point, the Omaticaya leader makes a comment that I think is so necessary for us to learn from: “Others have tried to learn and failed.  You cannot fill a cup that is already full.”  To which Jake responds “My cup is empty.”

This is fundamental for us to grow as Christians.  We must have an empty cup – if our minds are filled with all our preconceived notions, our knowledge and understanding, our judgments and assessments of how this world works, and…

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