1 million people rally in Paris

I recently wrote an article about how Europe needs to wake up to radical Islam. I was concerned Europe wasn’t waking up to terrorism coming in. I could not be more happy to say I was wrong!! EUROPE IS WIDE AWAKE!!!image

The inspiring display of streets filled with people pouring in support to fight terrorism is exactly the kind of thing I was hopeing for. GO EUROPE!!

However, my new concern is how seriously will the many European leaders partaking in this will actually do anything about it. Angela Merkel was not silent in recent German protests in calling her people racist neo nazis when 10,000 people did the same thing in Berlin- now she’s in Paris cheering the crowd against Muslim extremists? The same muslim leaders preaching about peaceful Islam, were the same people who set policies for sharia law zones. Now we can expect them to get rid of them? All this hype but there was no substance, not one solid game plan, not one strong message “Get Rid of Radical Islam”. Theres a big mixed message here to be honest it’s an illustration of liberal logic at it’s best. I can’t say I’ve heard what these leaders are saying now about it or what plan of action they intend to take, It’s too soon and a lot of media hype just on the march itself. Needless to say I will be watching Europe closely in 2015- I expect some pretty exciting developments. Even if the leaders do nothing, there is no doubt something will happen.

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