Europe Needs to Wake up to Radical Islam

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For several years now we have watched immigrants from the middle east come into Europe. Slowly but surely, terrorist organizations have infiltrated countries like England, France and Germany. While these terrorist rally in the streets shouting “Destroy Europe, end democracy, Make way for Islam. Kill the christians, Kill the jews!!” It amazes me how Europeans sit back and say “They are good people, they just have a different religion. We must be tolerant and accepting or else your a racist”. To chock up a sentence like this you have to be completely pulling the wool over your own eyes. In the recent Paris shooting I think a lot of people in America woke up to the escalation of radical Islam in Europe- my fear is in Europe they don’t seem to shrug a shoulder. It’s been building up for years progressively getting worse and worse, What is it going to take to wake them up?

I was watching a video on Anti-Islam protests in Germany, and I could not believe the liberal biased to the protests. Comparing Germans to neo nazis and far right extremist- Really that is very cheap. The people have nothing to do with Hitler or such groups, they simply want to live in a safe country- free from foreign middle east terrorists. Crazy right?

I can speak and read German, I’ve been to Germany, I can understand these signs people are holding up. I can also say with full confidence the German people are well past Nazism, but that doesn’t mean their push overs either. As a people Germans are some of the most intelligent, Friendly and progressive people Europe has to offer. This is a country you can go to, no matter where you are or who you are, every stranger is friend you just havnt met yet. I think it’s very much in poor taste to hold them to things that happened nearly 70 years ago just because they stepped remotely outside the liberal rhetoric.

This news broadcast is an example of the mentality in Europe that will result in suicide. As radical Islam keeps pouring into Europe, Europeans will continue to turn a cheek- until the day comes they will blow up everything and slaughter everyone on sight. Heres an interesting video on a muslim leaders ambitions for belgium. Note how very sure of himself Belgium will be a muslim country in just a matter of time.

Let me just throw some things out there on what kinds of things Radical Islam is doing in Europe. you can clickk any of these links to see the full article.

Sharia Law zones in Luton England.

As Islamic extremists declare Britain’s first Sharia law zone, the worrying social and moral implications

Radical Islam in Spain

Islamic State: “We Will Take Spain Back”

Sharia Law zones in Belgium

Islamic Sharia Law Court Opens in Belgium

Muslims attacking Jewish people

Muslims Riot and Attack Jews in Europe

Luton England again- this time protecting muslims over everyone elses safety

Bedfordshire Police Will Not Confront Muslims – Dec 2014

Violent protests in Greece

Muslims riot in Athens, Greece

Woman in europe under Sharia Law

Muslim Women ‘conspired to force marriage’ on young girl

Violent Muslim Mob Assaults Peaceful Jewish Protesters In Calgary

You have google simply type in, “Radical islam Europe” and best believe there is no shortage of these kinds of things. Over the years it has only escalated and intesified- it will only get worse. what Europe needs is just 50 more of people like this guy:

**Update on this Click Here**

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One thought on “Europe Needs to Wake up to Radical Islam”

  1. You bring up excellent points. Most people are afraid to speak out about almost anything for fear of being called a racist or bigot. Those who do are labeled as such, and no one wants to admit they agree with the them, or be labeled themselves. It isn’t a comfortable subject. My husband says we’ve been “sissified”, can’t hurt anyone’s feelings, we have to be nice to everyone. Um, no, no we don’t.


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